HydroWholesale Grow Room Kits Merge Technology, Nature

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New grow tents and whole-room design kits available.

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HydroWholesale now provides home gardeners with new grow room designs that combine nature and know-how to create higher yields and better plants. These indoor grow kits, which use the latest in indoor growing technology, provide gardeners with the chance to grow fruits, vegetables and other plants under optimal conditions.

Grow rooms are controlled, indoor facilities that allow their owners to grow plants indoors during the winter months, or grow plants not naturally found in their local environment. Grow rooms are conducive to hydroponic gardening, which requires no soil and typically produces higher yields and faster maturation than soil-based gardening.

The new grow room designs offered by HydroWholesale range from very small 2x2x4 grow tents gardeners can locate in just about any room of their homes to larger 11x14 indoor grow kits that will help renovate an existing room of an indoor gardening enthusiast’s home to be an efficient facility for growing plants.

The design guides shows customers how to optimally set up their grow room for maximum efficiency and also come with most of the gear needed to set up a growing facility. The designs are easy to follow, and adaptable to differing home designs. Lights, flood trays, CO2 regulators, climate control systems – everything gardeners will need is provided. The kits use trusted brand names such as Botanicare, Power Clone, Smart Sun and Luxpro, so customers know they are getting quality equipment they can rely upon.

Hydroponics and indoor gardening are steadily becoming more popular thanks to the flexibility and quality improvement they provide gardeners. Pest and disease problems are less of a nuisance because of the controlled nature of indoor grow rooms or grow tents. For green thumbs concerned about green practices, hydroponic gardening results in less environmental damage thanks to a more efficient application of nutrients and a reduction or elimination of pesticides.

Using HydroWholesale’s easy-to-use indoor grow kits, gardening enthusiasts can create the perfect environment for cultivating beautiful, high-quality vegetables, fruits, herbs or flowers.

About HydroWholesale

Located in College Park, Georgia, HydroWholesale offers a broad range of products helpful to both soil and hydroponic gardeners. They pride themselves on low prices, broad selection and fast shipping. The company strives to provide one of the best customer service experiences in the gardening business, and they will gladly help customers find specialty or custom items. For additional information, visit http://www.hydrowholesale.com.

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