In Just 5 Minutes a Day, Better Well-Being with Skin Brushing; 5 Tips To Start on a Better Path Today from Sublime Beauty

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Dry Skin Brushing is a very simple act that can make a world of difference to well-being and health. Sublime Beauty® offers 5 tips to get started with Skin Brushing today - and for under a $20 investment.

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What if you could improve your general well-being, help your largest organ, increase blood circulation and support your lymphatic functions? And what if you could do this by adding 5 minutes to your health regime each day? And what if your main tool would cost less than $20?

Skin Brushing- that is, brushing your absolutely dry skin in a specific manner - is what can in fact improve your general health and skin quality. It is as simple as brushing the teeth, and Sublime Beauty® founder Kathy Heshelow hopes Skin Brushing becomes as common as tooth brushing. "This is such as simple yet powerful action," says Heshelow.

The company provides 5 fast tips here, and has more information on the website devoted soley to Skin Brushing:

1) Brush absolutely dry skin, and always brush in the direction of the heart.
2) Typically brush in morning before your shower, so dead cells can be washed away easily.
3) Use a long-handled brush with natural bristles such as the one Sublime Beauty® suggests. Synthetic bristles could hurt the skin.
4) Brush in medium strokes starting at the feet and working up the body. Brush everywhere except the face. Brush strong enough to feel good and be effective, but it should never hurt.
5) Spend a little extra time on lymph-node rich areas as well as rougher skin areas.

Why Skin Brush? The skin is the largest organ of elimination. A National Geographic study says humans shed about 40,000 skin cells per minute! Yet as we age, the skin is less able to throw off the toxins and dead cells. This can cause stress on other organs of elimination and certainly hurts skin quality and functioning. Dry brushing solves that problem.

The circulatory system delivers nutrients and oxygen to the body, so boosting circulation through Skin Brushing brings health benefits.

The lymphatic system has no pump like the heart and relies on movement of muscles, massage or Skin Brushing to move along and eliminate toxins in the system. Toxins that stagnant can cause inflammation or disease.

The sensory system of the skin can delight in Skin Brushing and it can bring a feeling of health and vigor, and it can fight stress.

Skin Brushing can also help maintain cellulite by breaking down and moving along toxins that can accumulate in affected areas.

"We hope everyone will try Skin Brushing - and most who try it become hooked and feel much better," says Heshelow.

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