Moving Interactive's "Digital Innovation" Video Series Highlights Growth Strategies

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Digital Video Series Delivers Insight into Driving Growth and Innovation

Digital isn't a separate activity, rather, it's something that is integrated into everything you do.

Moving Interactive, a team of industry experts that help maximize opportunities of the digital age, announced their "Digital Innovation" video series to help guide companies to better understand the new rules, new across-the-board opportunities, and deeper connections with customers.

Starting out with "Customer Behavior Modeling," Moving Interactive CEO Howard Tiersky describes a powerful methodology designed to influence human behavior in a way that is positive to all parties. "Every business wants to be able to influence people," said Tiersky. "We want to be able to influence employees to want to better serve customers. We want to influence the customers to buy more, influence suppliers to provide more credit, influence retailers to aggressively sell our products, and influence shareholders to hold stock. The Customer Behavior Modeling methodology uses three defined steps to create and optimize those outcomes."

Mining the call center for useful information is the focus of the "Mining Your Call Center for Digital Gold" presentation. In this video, Tiersky explains in his straightforward and engaging manner, how the call center can be a gold mine of information that yields unexpected business benefits. "In this video, I'll show how to find and use this information to optimize the outcome of the digital experience, while still taking full advantage of the direct channel – which often provides the advantage of higher conversion and cross-sell." Tiersky's straightforward style makes it easy to understand what drives customers and what holds them back, and more importantly, how to drive the desired behavior by better understanding the customer and what behaviors we want from them. "The most successful way we have found to do that, is to understand who the people are whose behavior you are trying to drive. What are their key characteristics, their goals, their concerns and fears, and even their hopes and dreams?" With that understanding, Tiersky explains that it is possible to understand what triggers desired behaviors, and what characteristics of a company's digital experience are successful in pushing those motivational buttons.

How do CEOs ignite innovation? This is the focus of the third in the series. In this video, Tiersky explains where innovation comes from, and how both startups and large enterprises can enjoy its benefits. "Innovation isn't just the stuff of college campuses and incubators," said Tiersky. "Any company can have it, but only when it is driven by three key components: a focused objective, relevant information, and freedom. Trying to drive innovation through rewards or corporate mandates misses the mark, but with all three of those components in place, the result can be transformative."

Finally, addressing the issue of digital governance yields a surprising conclusion. As outlined in a previous article, Tiersky says that "digital" is too important to try to isolate into a single digital team. "Digital isn't a separate activity, rather, it's something that is integrated into everything you do. Digital governance has to enhance both the user experience and the business process, while overcoming the inherent conflicts that inevitably arise when governance has been ignored."

The ongoing video series addresses in-depth many of the strategic challenges that occur, and offers actionable insight and solutions designed to help businesses across all industries move forward with digital success.

About Moving Interactive:

Moving Interactive partners with leading Media, Entertainment, Financial Services, Travel and other brands to create new business capabilities that maximize the opportunities of the digital age. The evolution to a digital industry is the largest transformation the media world has seen in decades – and the old rules and ways of launching new products no longer apply.

We help our clients with end to end digital product development, from opportunity identification through design, technology and support. Or if preferred, we can support you in individual steps of that cycle where you have the greatest need. Visit our website at

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