Fuel Economy Solutions Launches Award Winning Tadger Technology To Reduce Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emissions For Australian Road Transport Businesses

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New Turbulating Atomizer Gas and Diesel Emission Reducer launches in Australia. The award winning technology is designed to burn fuel more efficiently in petrol and diesel engines.

Fuel Economy Solutions (Docklands, Victora) have been appointed to exclusively market and distribute the unique patented technology ‘Tadger’ (Turbulating Atomizer Gas and Diesel Emission Reducer) in Australia. Developed by Tadger Group International (Ontario, Canada), the Tadger is a revolutionary, award winning technology specifically designed to allow the fuel to burn more efficiently on any diesel or petrol engine.

Hilmi Armoush, Managing Director of Fuel Economy Solutions, says, “The road transport industry in Australia is facing a number of challenges with increased competition and lower profit margins. This comes in tandem with high and volatile fuel prices, increasing concerns on road transport-related emissions combined with a possible extended government policy on carbon tax. The Chairman of the Australian Trucking Association, Mr David Simon, recently stated that the extended carbon tax could result in many small trucking businesses being forced to close without the market power to cover the cost of the tax. With Tadger now available in Australia, customers can now get rid of additional costs to business in unnecessary fuel expenses and increased health hazards to their employees and the community.”

The Tadger has been tested on 267 vehicles over a period of 281 months with total combined distance of 8.4 million miles with results showing fuel saving average of 5.2% for diesel and 7.1% for petrol driven engines. In addition, according to several testing conducted in-house and with reliable academic and governmental laboratories, results have conclusively shown that installing Tadger lowers various emission rates, including: Carbon Monoxide (CO) up to 30%, Oxides Nitrogen up to 28% and Particulate up to 14.7%. Other benefits were increase oil life, increase horsepower and torque.

It is installed on the input fuel line prior to the fuel injectors and after the (primary / secondary) fuel pump and/or filter. When the fuel passes from the device, a controlled turbulence is created by swirling the fuel before it enters the carburettor or fuel injectors. The turbulence exposes more fuel molecules surface area to the air that is mixed with the fuel for combustion, allowing it to burn more efficiently.

“Most of customers who installed Tadger on their fleet have had a payback period of only 6 to 12 months. And, being a one-time investment with a lifetime warranty, it is no doubt that the Tadger is an excellent now solution for all fleet managers.”

Australia has among the highest transport-related emissions per capita in the world. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, the country produces around 1.5% of global transport related CO2 – twice the per capita average for Europe and over four and a half times the world average. In 2012, there were more than 16.6 million vehicles registered in Australia which travelled around 232.4 million Kms and consumed more than 31.8 billion litres of fuel.

Fuel Economy Solutions has also written an eBook full of simple, easily to implement fuel saving tips to accompany the Australian launch of the Tadger. Fuel Economy – The Ultimate Guide is an essential read for any driver and has more than 100 ways, techniques and secrets to help save on fuel and reduce emissions. The guide could save hundreds of dollars at the pumps every month, simply by changing the way drivers start the engine to park their vehicles and everything in between.

For more information and to buy, please visit http://www.fueleconomysolutions.com.au.

About Fuel Economy Solutions: Fuel Economy Solutions Pty Ltd was formed to contribute to a more sustainable road transport industry in Australia and help customers achieve higher fuel efficiencies increasing both their environmental responsibility and profitability. The company has taken it as part of its responsibility to help customers in managing, operating and driving their vehicles more efficiently.

It consistently strives to help customers deal with certain issues such as:

  • Demand for improved fuel efficiencies and cost reduction
  • Reduce air pollution and emissions and Improve public perception
  • Educate and increase driver’s awareness on efficient driving habits and techniques

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