ResumeEdge Explains the Importance of Resumes for New Grads

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Entry-Level Candidates Must Maximize What They Can Offer Employers

Unemployment and underemployment are two realities many graduates fear in our still-fragile economy. Although a recent New York Times article stated that unemployment for college graduates in April 2013 was only 3.9 percent (according to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), there isn’t real cause for celebration. As the article pointed out, many of the jobs filled by college graduates don’t require college-level skills: they’re service industry positions such as file clerks, receptionists or retail and restaurant work.

No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on an education without the reward and expectation of working in a chosen industry. Students may begin to wonder if the return on investment in terms of hard work, along with time and money spent, isn’t paying off. However, there are jobs for new grads within the desired industries. The key to getting them is to stand out among so many others in a highly competitive market.

“New grads mistakenly believe that a resume is the least important part of finding a position in a particular industry,” said Darlene Zambruski, ResumeEdge managing editor. “They assume that the document is nothing more than a brief listing of their education, summer jobs and a few internships. Quickly finished, they email the resume to a dozen or more companies, expecting to get noticed, interviewed and hired. Nothing could be further from the reality of a dedicated and targeted employment search, especially for candidates who have little to offer except a college degree.”

How can a new grad get noticed and hired?

According to ResumeEdge, not only is an effective resume indispensible, a LinkedIn® profile is equally essential. There are certain rules for both:

1.    Every resume, whether for a new graduate or a seasoned professional, needs to be targeted to a specific job. Sending out dozens or hundreds of the same resume to every position imaginable is a waste of time. The resume must dovetail what an individual knows and has accomplished to the specific position responsibilities, painting the candidate as the ideal choice for that job. If the position responsibilities don’t match well with a candidate’s background or expertise, that individual will not be called in for interview.
2.    For most recent grads, an academic background is the most important asset. Therefore, the resume’s Education section must include GPAs that are 3.5 or higher, scholarships received, internships completed, special projects worked on and school leadership positions held. In other words: every academic achievement earned. Past performance is predictive of future performance. Therefore, how a candidate succeeded in school definitely matters.
3.    Social media, especially LinkedIn®, is an excellent way for industry recruiters to spot promising talent. A LinkedIn® profile is not an abbreviated resume, but a marketing tool that allows candidates to be seen by past acquaintances who might be able to assist in a job search, or know of positions that aren’t advertised to the general public. Through LinkedIn®, a candidate can be recommended by industry peers and endorsed by colleagues. Those are powerful references that recruiters and hiring managers notice. Every new grad should already be on LinkedIn® with a complete profile that details the chosen industry and position sought.

In addition to LinkedIn®, Twitter and Facebook are also effective social media tools that enable a candidate to be more visible in an overcrowded job market.

Ms. Zambruski adds, “There’s no reason to settle for a job that doesn’t fulfill a candidate’s goal of working in a specific industry. With an impactful resume—one that showcases academic accomplishments, while also dovetailing skills, knowledge and abilities to the job’s responsibilities—those just out of school do have an excellent chance of gaining employment in their field. Using LinkedIn® and other social media increases a candidate’s chances even more.”

Putting in the time, money and effort to attain a degree is never easy. Nor is a successful job search in one’s chosen career. However, it is possible with the correct tools.

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