Makeover Madness- Head to Toe Transformation Presented by Beauty Research

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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today discussing home makeovers.

Most women have things about their appearances that they would like to improve, even if overall they feel attractive and beautiful. Many common trouble zones can be successfully targeted and addressed through at-home treatments and interventions. The latest article by, Makeover Madness - Head to Toe Transformation, discusses techniques for improving troubled zones through the use of at-home makeover products.

Because they are nearly always visible to others, the hair, face and hands are some of the biggest areas that women want to keep looking youthful and beautiful. Makeover products can complement daily hair and skin care products to deliver faster results. What specifically can women do to repair damaged hair and dry nails? How can women enhance the effectiveness of their daily skin care regimens? Are there any quick fixes for common beauty problems like signs of aging or chronic dryness? To find out, visit or click

The torso is another common trouble zone, as women may develop sagging breasts, flab along their sides and stomach or cellulite on their buttocks and abdomens. Are there topical solutions available to assist with firming and toning the body? What types of exercises help to increase abdominal muscle tone or slenderize the arms? How can a woman make her décolletage appear more youthful? To find out, visit or click

Many women fret over the appearance of their legs, particularly during the summer when they are more apt to show off their thighs and calves in shorts and skirts. How can women safely get shapelier calves? Are there methods of targeting orange peel skin on the thighs without resorting to liposuction? What are some ways that women can easily remove unwanted hair from the legs and have smoother, softer skin? To find out, visit or click

Makeovers for women shouldn't stop at the ankles. The feet and toes are prone to many different problems that can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. What are the best ways to hydrate feet that are dry and cracked? How can women soften calluses and rough patches of skin or have them removed without visiting a podiatrist? Are there particular problems that affect the toenails that women should be mindful of if they want to have more attractive feet and toes? To find out, visit or click

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