The Boys of Summer 2013: Justin Bieber and One Direction Have Simultaneous Tours; See Upcoming Justin Bieber and One Direction Tour Dates at

Justin Bieber vs. One Direction: Which band will teen fans--and their parents--choose? Fans can search for Justin Bieber and One Direction Tour Dates at

South Windsor, CT (PRWEB) July 04, 2013

Both Justin Bieber and One Direction have enormous teen fan bases, and both tours are shaping up to be mega-successes. But some experts speculate that Justin Bieber has become less popular--with parents.

Nineteen-year-old Bieber may be, technically, an adult, but his average fan is still too young to pay for her own tickets, so Mom and Dad are going to have to shell out the cash. Back when everything about Bieber screamed "wholesome," they might have been willing to do so.

But then the pastel sweatshirts and the adorable bangs came off. Now that Bieber’s leaving his teen years behind, along with his spotless reputation, parents might be more hesitant to open their wallets.

Meanwhile, One Direction (the members of which range in age from nineteen to twenty-one) seem to have avoided damage to their squeaky clean image. A good trick for five single guys who are (presumably) making barrels and barrels of money.

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