Zoo Boise and George Fox University Team up to Launch an Interactive Mobile Application

As part of a year-long consulting project four George Fox University MBA team up with Zoo Boise to launch a fully interactive mobile application. The interactive app will include zoo maps, a calendar of events, animal facts, social media integration, and general Zoo information.

Boise, Idaho (PRWEB) July 05, 2013

Zoo Boise brings a sense of culture and community to the Treasure Valley that cannot be matched. This iconic must-see attraction has been a part of the Boise experience since 1916. It is the mission of Zoo Boise to connect its visitors with animals to inspire and involve their community in the conservation of wildlife worldwide. In the coming months, Zoo Boise, with the help of George Fox University MBA students, will be launching a fully interactive mobile application. “We envision this app as a way for visitors to be fully immersed in the Zoo experience and a one- stop shop to answer any questions,” says Zoo Coordinator, Liz Littman.

George Fox University’s Boise Center was established in 1995. GFU’s MBA program requires that students participate in a year-long consulting project with a local non-profit organization. A group of four GFU MBA students, Nick Yates, Shavonna Case, Nicole Kent, and Ryan Howe, approached Zoo Boise with a proposal for enhancing the Zoo visitors’ experience. The idea for the mobile application project was born during a course in organizational strategy. “Zoo Boise was used as an example for a strategy session and out of that sparked the idea of an interactive mobile application,” explained MBA student Nick Yates. What started as a class exercise has been nurtured and developed into a real-life project that will be live by the end of the summer.

The mobile application will include many features and functions that will enhance the Zoo visitors’ overall experience. The interactive app will include Zoo maps, a calendar of events, animal facts, social media integration, and general Zoo information. It was envisioned as a replacement for printed maps. The application will allow visitors to easily find direct routes to animal locations, food, first aid, restrooms, and exits. Another key feature of the app will be notifications for upcoming events, daily zoo keeper talks, and animal feedings. And since wildlife conservation is always at the forefront of the Zoo’s efforts, the application will include information on current conservation efforts and ways the community can participate in those efforts.

“We are so excited to bring a tool such as this to Friends of Zoo Boise. It is a great way to come together as a community and connect with the Zoo in a whole new way. It is our hope that this is something that will save money and assist the Zoo in their mission of connecting visitors with animals and conservation efforts,” said MBA student Shavonna Case. If you have any questions about how to get involved there is an Indiegogo campaign set up or follow us on Facebook.