1Wealth Trading Company Opines on IBM’s Foray Into Global Banking

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1Wealth Trading comments on the recent announcement that IBM’s Watson supercomputer will be made available to banks.

For large banking institutions, it can prove difficult to handle the sheer volume of inquiries and requests from patrons and clients—but 1Wealth Trading reports that IBM has innovated a surprising solution to this common conundrum. Indeed, IBM recently announced that it would begin offering its much-touted “Watson” supercomputer to banks and major financial companies, helping them to handle customer inquiries with greater efficiency and precision. The Watson supercomputer has already been heralded as the dawn of a “new era of cognitive computing systems,” and IBM’s belief is that it will make bank service quicker and more satisfactory than ever before. The Sydney-based company 1Wealth Trading has issued a new statement to the press, commenting on IBM’s announcement and on the impact Watson could have on bank consumers.

1Wealth is widely considered to be one of the top developers of next-generation trading and banking technologies, and indeed, has been incorporating similar technologies into its stock market trading systems for many years. As such, the company is nothing if not qualified to opine on IBM’s bid to banks. In its new press statement, the company predicts that Watson will be embraced by banking customers, especially in Australia. “Watson is not some computerized answer service that lists options from a menu,” the company says. “We’re talking about a highly intelligent piece of technology that is continuously learning from interactions with customers and drawing on huge amounts of data to provide informed and personalised answers.”

Watson’s intelligence is well-documented, and difficult to dispute. Its advanced capabilities were most clearly seen on an episode of the U.S. TV show Jeopardy, in 2011; on the show, the computer essentially outsmarted the show’s two greatest champions, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Going back farther, to 1997, Watson’s predecessor, Deep Blue, made waves when it defeated Russian world champion chess player Garry Karparov in a six-game match.

Of course, computing ability alone is not enough to ensure Watson’s successful transition into the banking industry. Comments 1Wealth, “The technology itself is incredible, but the challenging part is finding ways for it to positively impact the customer.”

The introduction of Watson into the banking industry marks a major turning point in how banks handle customer service. In fact, 1Wealth says that it marks the beginning of a crossover in how technology from the corporate sector makes its way into the consumer world.

“Companies like 1Wealth have been using adaptive technology for many years,” the firm notes, in closing. “1Wealth has long been admired for its innovative and strategic stock market trading solutions that consistently produce above-average returns for clients, year after year. As Watson makes its way to banks across the world, we hope that more companies will focus on using technology to aid consumers instead of simply analysing them and marketing to them.”

1Wealth is devoted to implementing technologies that help investors trade more effectively.


1Wealth Trading is a program designed to offer maximum accuracy and efficiency to corporate and individual stock market traders. The company, 1Wealth Solutions, is part of the One Financial Group but has blossomed into an international company, with its investment hub in Australia and offices spread across countries all over the world. The vision of 1Wealth Solutions is to provide investors with the technological tools and financial strategies they need to generate consistent stock market revenues, and ultimately to generate lifelong earnings.

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