Author, Lee Dodson, Continues Assault on Border Security Policy with New Articles in The Brenner Brief

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Writer, Lee Dodson, continues criticism of "Amnesty Bill" and supporters by taking to nationally distributed newsletter to discuss imminent danger with series of articles describing terrorism and latest incarnation.

Lee Dodson offered complimentary copies of his novel, Infiltration to United States Senators before they voted on S.744, colloquially called the Amnesty Act. The novel, written as entertainment, exposes what the writer describes as “the soft underbelly of United States’ southern border" with Mexico. Not one Senator took him up on the proposition.

Even though the Homeland Terrorism Survey achieved over 41,000,000 responses as of July 5, 2013, Dodson has yet to hear from the Alphabet Media. Rather than fading from public attention, Today's View on Homeland Terror has gathered strength on the internet, growing from a modest 10-20,000 responses per day to nearly a million per day.

The writer believes this is no fluke. Dodson challenged members of “the world’s greatest deliberative body” to read possible outcomes of what he believes to be the most dangerous condition the nation confronts, and now he takes his concerns even more public by writing a series of articles based on his research and conclusions in the national publication, The Brenner Brief, a daily newsletter serving conservative, moderate, and liberal persuasions. The e-media has just announced another radio program on WEDNESDAYS 5p PT / 8 p ET. The show runs on KCAA 1050AM in Southern California, or can heard online.

Working in close coordination with author and editor, Walter Coffey, Dodson brings an as yet unpublicized perspective to the subject of terrorism. The author calls out both officialdom and news outlets on “soft journalism,” ignoring of facts, and soft pedaling of important issues the Survey respondents sense as dangerous. Editor Coffey is no stranger to the topic. The author of five books on the Civil War has written extensively of the effects of armed conflict on the population.

The statistics, even for an admittedly unscientific, are stark.

Do you expect another major terrorist attack on the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, or any of its territories?
Yes 99%+----No 1%-
Do you expect there to be great loss of life?
Yes 99%----No 1%
Do you expect a WMD to be used in the attack, i.e. poison gas, biological weapon, nuclear weapon?
Yes 99%----No 1%
Do you expect foreign nationals to carry out an attack?
Yes 99%----No 1%
Do you think sleeper cells are already in the United States?
Yes 99%----No 1%
Do you think you might have to defend yourself from terrorists in this country?
Yes 99%+----No 1%-
Do you think the U.S. government will be able to defend against a homeland invasion?
Yes 1%----No 99%
Do you believe that the current administration is truthful about terrorism in this country?
Yes 1%----No 99%
Do you think that we as a nation believe that terrorism is over?
Yes 1%----No 99%
Do you know enough about what to do if a terrorist attack strikes near where you live or work?
Yes 2%----No 98%

Dodson refers to his book, Infiltration as a wake up call set down in a fictional account of armed units coming across the Mexican border to put in place a weapon that has the potential to wipe out American commerce in a matter of minutes. “It would make 9/11 look like a cake walk. And it could be achieved at a cost of under a million dollars,” the author stated flatly. “I originally wrote a book for entertainment, but with latest moves from our government, my idea went from amusement to alarm. My readers apparently agree because they say as much.”

Stop The Insanity writer, David Welch writes:
"I'm partial to books with a relevant political message. Fiction books with a political message are typically not great for entertainment value but I am willing to accept that, if the political message is one I feel worthwhile.

"Infiltration" definitely has a political message, and an important one. But at the same time it is an exciting adventure story that starts fasts and accelerates to the end. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting. I was so thrilled by the story itself that I almost forgot the political message, but it was there in plain sight: Our porous borders, particularly the one in the south, represent a serious threat to the security of our country since they can easily be infiltrated by terrorists looking for a way inside. It is a threat we should not take lightly after 9/11 and more recently after the terrorist attack in Boston.

"The story itself involves a group of terrorists taking advantage of our poorly protected border with Mexico and sneaking in a weapon that can do serious damage to the U.S. The only thing standing between them and success is an old rancher who puts up a hell of a fight. Does he succeed in stopping them? Buy the book and find out for yourself. It is a great bargain and $1 from the sale of every copy goes to the Semper Fi Fund which helps needy Marines and their families.

"Highly, highly recommended!"

The writer states “If one is not a reader, one can always donate directly to the Semper Fi Fund directly by going to the website and giving there.”

Support us through CFC! Find us under
“Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund”

Dodson appears on Gary Sheler’s Morning Show (KAAA/KZZZ) some mornings 7 am MST, and expects more appearances on Conservative talk-radio shows to be announced in the next weeks.
Dodson’s book, Infiltration, is now available at in all formats, Amazon in Kindle format with a sequel out in September 2013. He is also author of This Never Happened, a story based on the disappearance of the Anasazi race, and his new book, Daylight Raid, is set for release in late July 2013.
Price: $4.32 retail                                                                                                                 $1.00/ copy to Semper Fi Fund
Twitter: skshtgr11

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