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After honoring all contracts implied and fulfilled, contractorside.com re-launches today, July 8, 2013, with a more robust and more articulate site for ease of use and access.

How do you avoid getting into business with a bad client?

After honoring all contracts implied and fulfilled, contractorside.com re-launches today, July 8, 2013, with a more robust and more articulate site for ease of use and access.

The website is tailored to the specific requirements of anyone in the construction business or its periphery whether the person is a contractor, sub-contractor, worker, or simply in the business as supporting individual or company. Membership is free as a research resource for persons engaged in any part of the industry. A fee is required for a posting to keep out malicious or non-serious reports. The fee for filing is a reasonable $10.00 per posting.

Working with a young program design specialist, Colin Ryan, of Colossal Ventures, LLC, out of New Haven, CN, Dodson was able to bring the re-launch off to be exactly what he wanted as a made in America product. Ryan’s contributions and attention to detail were invaluable.

Often, such postings are a starting point to open negotiations to settle differences prior to filing lawsuits as both sides of an issue may be read and discussed, but the contractorside.com website concentrates mainly on the people in the construction trade, their problems, and the nature of the business in general.

Posting persons or businesses can add media such as photographs, videos, or audio. Some posters may feel limited by using written words, so this person may shoot a video and say what they want to say on camera.

Contractorside.com was created in 2008 by Lee Dodson, a general contractor in California after he heard the story of a young contractor in Washington, D.C., who had a complaint lodged against him by a client who listed his name on Angie’s list. The young contractor did his best to satisfy the client, but was rebuffed at every turn. His gross receipts, averaging a round a million per year, dropped precipitously due to the bad public press.

Dodson interviewed hundreds of contractors, workers in the field, and came away with the distinct impression that the deck was stacked against the favor of those in the industry and decided to do something to change the environment in which people in the industry work, providing a more level field for those whose livelihoods depend on fair treatment.

Fully 25% of the economy depends on the construction trade which has suffered heavy losses in the past five years. Firms large and small were dealt heavy blows with the current economic situation. Licensing agencies, the Labor Department, Commerce Department, and others reported near disintegration of the business. Lack of confidence in the market was a contributing factor.

Add to these conditions, the fact that news services, businesses, even the court system, lean heavily against the builders and suppliers, the workman is stuck in a situation where he has little power. Lawsuits and lawyers are expensive. Most of the time, collection is impossible.

Had the person in the trade been warned early in the process, the entire matter could have been dealt with easily, efficiently with little difficulty, and this is where contractorside.com works for the trade. Chances are that should a difficult situation arises and is not resolved, the tradesperson will not be returning for subsequent work or business situation, but the matter is not settled for the next tradesperson.

But what if the details were posted, plus advice on how to avoid the pitfalls included, would that not serve to improve the business in a “pay-it-forward” manner?

Dodson knows the business is demanding, and he knows that it is fraught with a dog-eat-dog mentality as he demonstrates with this list of possible problem makers:

  •     Employees
  •     Clients
  •     Employers
  •     Homeowner
  •     Company
  •     Design Groups
  •     Neighbors / Neighborhood
  •     Gated Work
  •     Official-dumb
  •     Building & Safety
  •     Inspections
  •     Plan Check
  •     Legal    •    License Board
  •     Lawyers
  •     Judges
  •     Enforcement
  •     News Outlets
  •     Media
  •     Business
  •     Subs
  •     Suppliers
  •     Banks
  •     Lenders
  •     Accounts
  •     Insurance
  •     Workers Comp
  •     Liability
  •     Consultants
  •     Accountants
  •     Realtors
  •     Equipment
  •     Machinery
  •     Maintenance
  •     Repair
  •     Standards
  •     Rental Yards

The contractorside.com is just one more tool in the tradesperson’s kit. It is edited, and may be revised by the poster at any time, especially if a good outcome occurs.

A contractor/tradesperson may also write a “stand-up client review” if things went great.

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