Attorney Charles Boyk Shares CDC’s Drowning Stats with Blog Readers

Attorney Charles Boyk has shared the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Drowning Statistics within his law office’s blog. While the statistics are very high and may scare some parents, Attorney Boyk believes they will help stress the importance of safety and prevention.

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Toledo, Ohio (PRWEB) July 08, 2013

Attorney Boyk has shared the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Children’s Drowning Deaths and Injuries statistics in his law office’s blog. He feels that it is imperative to share these statistics with his followers as there are six public pools within the Toledo community that recently opened. Serious accidents could occur at the pools if the proper safety steps are not taken.

“I’ve always been a big supporter of water safety. So many of the tragic accidents can be prevented and I want to do my part and help to save lives,” said Attorney Boyk. He also added, “I’m on the Board of Directors of the Josh Project, a local nonprofit dedicated to providing swimming lessons and safety training to area families. If sharing these statistics will motivate more parents to take their kids to swim lessons, then I’ve accomplished my mission.”

To read the law office’s blog post with the CDC’s statistics, visit their website. To see the full infographic with the statistics listed in a visual format, visit


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