Build Trust with Employees to Increase Their Performance, Says Gary Taffet

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Employee benefits expert Gary Taffet explains that the best and most vital way for employers to ensure the wellbeing and high performance of their employees is to first ensure their trust.

Gary Taffet specializes in facilitating in the creation of quality employee benefits programs for companies of many different shapes and sizes. Working with managers and administrators, he helps companies and their employees find adequate insurance benefits and coverage that best suits the whole team. The goal of his work is to improve both the wellbeing of the employees and the quality of their performance for their employers.

A recent article in Employee Benefits explains that the cornerstone of this quality employee performance and wellbeing in any workplace is trust. Before employees and employers can work together optimally, says the article, they must first trust one another. This trust is then broken down into several basic qualities in order to better explain how it can best be fostered between employees and their employers.

The most important aspect of gaining employee trust is the sense of belonging and connectivity that employees have to their companies. When employees feel like they are part of a worthwhile organization or team, says the article, then their trust in that company grows. This is accomplished by giving each individual a voice in decision making processes and a sense of the importance of their role within the company. Unsurprisingly, employees that feel like vital and respected members of a worthwhile team are happier and perform better than employees that feel like just another insignificant cog in a bigger, uncaring machine.

Treating all individuals within a company with the same amount of fairness is also important to fostering trust, the article explains, as is providing security and a sense of certainty to these same individuals. Employees who feel confident in their work places and their own treatment within them fare better than employees who face unpredictability in treatment or job security with every work day.

“This is one of the reasons why quality employee benefits packages are so vital to a company’s success,” Gary Taffet adds. “Not just to the employees receiving the benefits, but to the company giving them out. The more appreciated employees feel, the more they know they can count on their employers, the more motivated they are to help those employers succeed. It’s no surprise that companies with the happiest and most well cared for employees are also the companies that see the most success.”

Finally, the article stresses the importance of providing challenges to employees while also providing them with a sense of purpose. Employees who face new challenges learn new skills as a result and can see the tangible consequences of their hard work. They better understand how their work contributes to the company mission as a whole, giving them a bigger sense of purpose, which in turn boosts morale with tangible results.

Employers who take care to meet all of these standards in their work cultures will see higher levels of employee trust, says Gary Taffet, which will in turn lead to better performance all around.


Gary Taffet is an insurance industry veteran who works with Reliance Insurance Group, a national insurance benefits leader based out of New Jersey. RIG assists in creating employee benefits programs for companies across all levels of industry and size. Taffet helps in this regard by assisting communications between employees and managers on topics such as insurance benefits and adequate insurance coverage. In his free time, Taffet coaches his son’s travel soccer team.

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