InControl Medical LLC Announces Significant Second Quarter Sales Increase

Sales of company’s InTone product drive success in year’s second quarter.

Brookfield, Wisconsin (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

InControl Medical LLC announced Monday that second quarter sales increased more than 50 percent over the first quarter.

Leading the way in driving this sales increase is InControl’s female urinary incontinence product, InTone. The product has continued to achieve a better than 90% success rate in preventing bladder leakage, and word continues to spread about its effectiveness.

“A significant increase in re-orders from our physician network drove sales in the second quarter,” said Herschel Peddicord, President and CEO of InControl Medical. “We are pleased that more and more medical professionals continue to use and recommend InTone.”

InTone works to solve female urinary incontinence by employing a variety of patented muscle stimulation algorithms, active resistance and biofeedback to dramatically increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. Additionally, the device sends a calming signal to the detrusor muscle to decrease spasm and retains the muscle to create more functional voiding.

Patients work with their physician to customize InTone to fit their needs. Every patient then takes part in InTone sessions in the comfort and privacy of their own home, monitoring their progress along the way. Throughout the entire process, the patient continues to stay in touch with her doctor to tweak the device and treatment to fit her needs.

“InTone has received rave reviews from medical professionals and patients alike,” said Peddicord. “We are eager to continue to reach as many people as possible with the product to help women overcome urinary incontinence symptoms. This second-quarter sales growth is truly encouraging.”

For more information about InTone and whether or not it is right for you, visit the InControl Medical website at

About InControl Medical LLC

InControl Medical LLC is a women’s health company focusing on female urinary incontinence. Its product, InTone, is an innovatively designed product holding many patents, manufactured and designed in the United States. InTone provides the most effective, non-invasive treatment for stress, urge and mixed female urinary incontinence. The device requires no surgery and has no side effects. For more information about InControl Medical or InTone, visit