Hurst Hardwoods Celebrates “Green” Flooring Trends

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Using recycled wood is one option that more people are choosing, and a trend that Hurst Hardwoods sees the value in.

As a provider of many different types of flooring, Hurst Hardwoods realizes in the importance in giving consumers options. Not every type of wood is appropriate for every flooring project, as each has different characteristics. As more people shift toward becoming more environmentally conscious, they are turning toward the use of recycled wood. A recent article in Greener Ideal offers tips for how to effectively use recycled wood for flooring.

Wood floors are preferred by many homeowners. They are versatile and can make a room look fancy or “warm and charming” depending on the type of wood used. For those looking to replace their floors without spending a fortune, using recycled wood can save thousands of dollars. There are certain tips homeowners should consider when using recycled wood.

The first is to only choose untreated wood. When wood is made for outdoor use, it is often treated with chemicals. Arsenic is one chemical that was used in the past and is often found on older woods. These chemicals can pose a threat to families when treated wood is used. Untreated wood is chemical-free.

It is important to strip any wood that has stain or paint on it. Using eco-friendly wood strippers are recommended. When stain and paint are present, it is more difficult to evaluate the wood and determine its use. At this point in the process, nail holes, knotholes and other imperfections are not a big deal. Stripping the wood down is necessary before using it for flooring.

When selecting recycled wood pieces, homeowners should try to choose boards that are all the same type of wood. Different woods respond differently to humidity and wear. Hardwoods are recommended over soft woods because they are more durable. Soft woods such as pine do not wear as well. Over time the cells pack down from people walking on them and this can leave grooves in the floor. Hardwoods do not have this problem. Sticking with the same type of wood for each room or throughout the house can make things look more uniform since the color of different woods can vary.

Before making any cuts to the wood, it is important to consider the floor pattern. Homeowners should take into consideration the size of the room, what width of board would look best, and what pattern will provide the desired outcome. They should check for stray pieces of metal in each board such as staples, nails or screws. As with any project, the article reminds people to follow all safety rules. This includes wearing protective gear and using power tools carefully.

Hurst Hardwoods commends the flooring industry for its improved eco-friendliness. “The wood flooring industry has actually done a very good job with sustaining our forests,” shares a representative of the company. “Due to planting and the larger growth of trees, there are more harvestable trees east of the Mississippi than there were at the founding of our country. We have long argued against clear cutting sections of forest. That position is not as easy to maintain as would be thought at first sight. Cleared areas produce the kind of growth and soil activity, along with added direct sunlight, that create food for small animals. This in turn feeds larger species and that makes for variety in animal life. Have you ever walked through an old forest and there just were not small animals to be seen?” Hurst Hardwoods supports efforts to protect the environment and wildlife.


Hurst Hardwoods provides consumers with a variety of flooring materials and accessories. They offer both domestic and exotic woods from many major brands. Customers can order products online and have them shipped directly to their home. The company also provides limited local installations of flooring. Hurst Hardwoods is a national leader for sales volume in exotic and unfinished flooring.

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