EasyStorageSearch.com Reveals Portable Self-Storage Survey Results

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EasyStorageSearch.com has unveiled results of a new poll, asking consumers to weigh in on the trend of portable storage units.

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EasyStorageSearch.com is a site dedicated to helping consumers find self-storage options in their cities of residence—something that is often easier said than done. While self-storage units are hardly difficult to find, there are so many different options that locating the best and most valuable offerings can sometimes prove daunting. As a case in point, portable self-storage units have recently become highly popular and trendy, despite the fact that they are also more expensive than traditional storage units. EasyStorageSearch.com has established a new survey, asking its users how they feel about this costly new trend—and the results are surprising.

"Our interest is in helping individuals locate the best, most cost-effective ways to store their possessions, boats, trailers, RVs, or whatever else—and in doing so, we try to keep our finger on the pulse of what people actually want in a self-storage unit," remarks Jason Kay, the developer and president of EasyStorageSearch.com, in a new statement to the press. "Therefore, we established a simple poll, asking users whether the added cost of portable storage units was worth it—and the results are truly surprising."

To date, the poll question—"Is the convenience of portable self-storage worth the added expense?"—has drawn the attention of numerous voters, and thus far the answer is a resounding yes. Sixty-eight percent of the survey respondents say that portable self-storage is, indeed, worth the added expense, with only 32 percent disagreeing.

"Portable storage pods differ from traditional units only insofar as they prevent you from having to transport and unload all of your stuff on your own," Kay comments. "The portable storage unit company does it all for you, which makes moving much easier and more convenient. Clearly, consumers are happy to pay a little extra for that additional convenience!"

The EasyStorageSearch.com website offers information about some of the country’s most popular portable self-storage companies, including PODS and 1-800-PackRat. The site also explains the convenience of the portable self-storage process. Following the delivery of a portable self-storage unit, "You then load the portable storage container at your pace and the storage company picks the container back up and stores it at their facility. The company then delivers your storage container back to you at your new address, wherever that is."

According to Kay, the implication of the survey is simply that what consumers want in their self-storage units is convenience. "Going through a move, or simply seeking a place to store your extra gear, can prove overwhelming sometimes—and we’re happy to provide solutions for those who just want a quick and convenient self-storage option, whether portable or otherwise," Kay concludes.

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