Ravelco Celebrates 37 Years of Vehicle Security with Unmatched Theft Prevention Record

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Ravelco has secured over 4 million vehicles since 1976 and it celebrates not one vehicle stolen! Real, effective theft prevention with proven success!

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Ravelco - Making Auto Theft a Thing of the Past

Over 4 million installed since 1976 and not one stolen!

National Capital Ravelco is proud to announce that Ravelco has been preventing theft of vehicles of all types for 37 years, since July 20, 1976. Ravelco is a privately held, family owned and operated company with headquarters in Richmond, Texas. The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device was developed by Vincent Raviele after his personal automobile was stolen during a vacation in New England. No other anti-theft device comes close to the long-term continuous success of the Ravelco. Since its debut, there have been no reported incidents in which a vehicle protected by a properly installed and utilized Ravelco has been stolen.

Beginning the 38th year of continuous operation, there are now distributors and dealers in many regions of the United States and some abroad. Law enforcement officers, vehicle dealers, construction companies, insurance agents and government agencies are part of the over 4 million Ravelco customers. These professionals know what vehicle theft prevention measures work and, more importantly, which do not resulting in the need for recovery and repair.

Vehicle theft prevention is emphasized each July as the National Vehicle Theft Protection Month. With theft statistics starting to climb for the first time in several years and the summer months being prime time, thieves are working smarter to bypass vehicle security measures of all types. Manufacturer and aftermarket immobilizers, GPS, cell based and RF tracking systems, keyless entry and ignition, alarms and a multitude of other aftermarket products are being studied and methods are constantly being devised to circumvent them. Auto theft is big business from auto salvage and used parts to exporting of entire vehicles to other countries. Port and border states are particularly at risk though a vehicle is not entirely safe anywhere. Ravelco has been the only device able to claim such long term success against all skill levels of thieves.

Many agencies recommend a common sense approach to vehicle security. First and foremost, using all of the available systems built into the vehicle by the manufacturer. Door locks, keys, and alarms systems in addition to parking in well-lit and high traffic areas are good deterrents against the casual thief. Installation of aftermarket systems is recommended as a layered defense against the more determined professionals. Alarms may help secure contents, if it is heeded by the thief and/or noticed by the vehicle owner. Confronting a thief at work could be extremely dangerous and never recommended. High quality immobilizers could prevent theft of the vehicle saving inconvenience and cost. It works regardless of location or owner proximity. Tracking systems might locate the vehicle after it has been noticed as missing to assist in recovery. However, the towing, impound and repair fees may be considerably more. The inconvenience while the vehicle is out of service can also be an issue.

Ravelco has focused on theft prevention by immobilizing to protect the vehicle from unauthorized use. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, construction equipment, or just about anything with an electrical and/or fuel system can be secured with Ravelco. Installation by Ravelco distributors or dealers ensures a quality vehicle security product. 100% made in the USA also marks the device as high quality which includes a lifetime guarantee. There are no "master" plugs, special codes to remember, batteries to change or power of any sort required for Ravelco to do the job of securing a vehicle. There are no connections made inside the passenger compartment. All wiring is blended with the factory wiring harness. It works seamlessly with other security systems including alarms and trackers. There are no monthly service or hidden fees. Mobile installation is done at the customer's convenience. There are no bells, no whistles or blinking lights which don't deter thieves in most cases, anyway, just solid immobilizing performance.

The decades of experience in the southwest region of the country has proven almost daily that the ongoing success in thwarting theft is no accident. When a device is tried on this basis, longevity separates the devices that really work from those that do not.

When considering vehicle security options, select a brand with quality equipment backed by a solid guarantee and a proven, long-term record of success. Choose Ravelco for peace of mind and unmatched security. Visit the manufacturer web site at http://www.Ravelco.com for a complete listing of distributors and testimonials of many satisfied customers as well as additional information about the device.

National Capital Ravelco serves the Nation's Capital, Maryland and Northern Virginia with responsive service and quality installation on all sorts of applications. Thefts in this area border on 300 per month in Baltimore City and Prince George's County in Maryland and over 100 per month in Montgomery County Maryland and Washington DC. This places the region in the top 30% of the nation of vehicle theft. These figures to do not reflect unreported thefts or construction equipment.

Contact National Capital Ravelco for personal or corporate vehicle security needs in the Nation's Capital today for real, effective security that will be there when needed most. Ravelco has been proud to serve the needs of vehicle owners for so many years and is looking forward to continuing the success record for another 37 years and beyond! Ravelco appreciates all of the loyal customers over the decades, particularly the repeat customers, for their testimonials and referrals! Stay Safe!

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