Avena Originals Promotes Tips for Kicking the Sugar Habit

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Avena Originals strives to help others reclaim their health and cut back on sugar for optimal health.

The natural health product line, Avena Originals, proudly promotes a recent article in WBOC regarding how to eliminate a sugar diet and resist sugar cravings. The representatives of Avena know that Americans continue to eat and drink two to three times the amount of sugar recommended for premium health. They are well informed of the risks associated with too much sugar intake, and they urge consumers to take necessary steps to reclaim their own health, starting by understanding a well-balanced diet and digestive support for cooked foods. According to Avena Originals, cutting out sugar overloads is a vital part of achieving a healthier lifestyle.

The article notes that “Scientific studies have linked sugar overloads to obesity and health concerns including diabetes, tooth decay, heart disease, stroke, pancreatic cancer and cognitive decline. Sugar, which can fuel the brain and temporarily boost energy, occurs naturally in many nutritious fruits, vegetables and dairy products. But it also gets added to a number of foods we may eat every day.” The American Heart Association advises women consume no more than 100 calories’ worth of added sugars per day, which comes out to about six teaspoons.

The Avena professionals weigh in on the issues of too much added sugars. “The problem is that people are consuming more sugary sweet foods than they realize,” said a representative. “Manufacturers add various kinds of sweeteners to enhance the taste of improve texture in a shocking variety of products. Most Americans are eating a significant amount over the suggested intake, affecting other areas of their health. Clients are often surprised to find out that sugar, the ultimate naked carbohydrate stripped of all nutritional benefits, is actually addictive.”

The team at Avena strives to educate clients of the dangers of refined sugar and how it is one of the hardest additions to kick. “It’s found in almost every packaged product on grocery shelves,” said a representative. “It’s just disguised under another name. Refined sugar steals precious minerals and vitamins from the body, producing an over-acidic condition.” The article offers tips for developing a sugar-free diet, encouraging individuals to learn label language: “When you shop, check labels closely for things like corn syrup, honey, molasses and nectar, as well as words in the ‘ose’ family: sucrose, fructose, dextrose, lactose, maltose and glucose.” The report also advises readers to do sugar swaps, satisfying the sweet tooth with healthier substitutes when sugar cravings hit.

The makers of Avena strongly recommend a raw foods diet. “Implementing a raw only, unprocessed foods diet will reveal all food addictions in a matter of days,” said a representative. “If you want to treat yourself to something sweet, practice eating raw forms of sugar, such as those found naturally in fruit. You don’t have to jeopardize sweet and satisfying desserts when reclaiming your health.” The Avena Originals team encourages their clients to eat an orange or apple the next time they crave a candy bar or soft drink.


Avena Originals is leading in the wellness industry, helping individuals reclaim their health in Alberta, Canada. The company has supplied clients with natural, healthy products for more than 20 years, giving them the opportunity to choose dietary supplements and natural cleansing alternatives. Avena also includes a smaller line of natural body care products, creams and much more.

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