Denton, TX Gum Disease Patients Now Have Access to the FDA Cleared Laser Gum Disease Treatment offered by Dr. Todd McCracken

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Dr. Todd McCracken is certified to perform laser gum surgery as an alternative gum disease treatment, and now offers the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) to patients with gum disease in Denton, TX.

Dr. McCracken now offers the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) for gum disease treatment in Denton, TX. Many Americans suffer from some form of gum disease, and local patients suffering from bleeding gums may want to ask Dr. McCracken whether or not they are eligible for laser gum surgery. Bacteria in the mouth create a film on the teeth. When this film is not properly removed, it can harden and form tartar. Toxins from the bacteria interact with gum tissue and cause painful inflammation, bleeding and redness of the gums.

Gum disease is highly treatable in the beginning stages, through good oral hygiene practices. However, if left to progress, gum disease can lead to advanced periodontal disease. Ultimately, the gum tissue pulls away from the teeth, resulting in receding gums and tooth loss. Research suggests that the bacteria and inflammation associated with gum disease can also contribute to serious health conditions such as heart disease, pancreatic cancer and diabetes.

Despite the potential of tooth loss and overall health risks, many cases of gum disease go untreated. This may be partially due to patients’ fear of traditional gum disease treatment. Typically, a dental professional who is not certified in LANAP would use a scalpel to peel away the gums and then proceed to remove diseased tissue from the pocket around the tooth. This decreases the pocket depth and lowers the amount of bacteria the area. Then the gum tissue is reattached to the root surface and the gums are sutured back into place.

A draw-back to traditional gum surgery is gum recession. The blade used for surgery can remove some of the healthy tissue along with the diseased tissue, which causes the gums to recede.

Dr. McCracken is now offering patients an alternative to this form of treatment. LANAP is a less-invasive method that uses a highly selective laser to target and remove diseased tissue while preserving healthy tissue. This FDA-cleared form of laser gum surgery requires no cutting. The laser stimulates cells to form new connective tissue around the roots of teeth. It also stimulates bone regeneration in the jaw bone and can help improve bone density and overall oral health. The regeneration of tissue and bone can help stabilize teeth that might otherwise need to be extracted.

Besides helping patients keep their natural teeth, LANAP can also help prepare a patient’s mouth to receive dental implants in an area where a tooth is missing. Removing diseased tissue and bacteria from this area before an implant is placed can contribute to better surgical outcomes. For more information on LANAP, visit

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Dr. Todd McCracken is a general dentist offering personalized dental care for patients in Denton, TX. Dr. McCracken received his DDS from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 1997. He received the honor of Master from the Academy of Laser Dentistry in 2000 and is a frequent lecturer at national and local dental meetings across the country and one of 25 certified instructors at The Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry. It is here that he became certified and joined one percent of dental professionals in offering the only FDA cleared laser procedure for gum disease and periodontal treatment. To learn more about Dr. McCracken and his dental services visit his website at and call (940) 293-2090.

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