The Song "Indiana" by Paleface Picasso is Blowing Up the Hoosier State

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Paleface Picasso's new song "Indiana" and the remix edition is making the Hoosier state proud! This song has quite a story behind it.

Paleface Picasso's album "The Collection"

"Fear of failure is the noose by which most people suffocate themselves. The defining day of my life was the day I quit choking myself and began to fail my way to happiness! I was 27."

"Indiana" by Paleface Picasso makes the Hoosier state proud! The Indiana born rapper has made what is arguably the state's best ever sports anthem. Paleface Picasso's story started over two years ago when he and his cousin, Travis Hickey, decided to take a crack at the music industry. The first song they ever did was inadvertently on the top 9 at 9 for 104.1 WLBC within one week of its production. The duo have an interesting story behind the music.

Eric Allred, better known as Paleface Picasso has had quite a life! The once all star athlete was recruited heavily by many division one baseball colleges, won his high school regional dunk contest, and probably should have played professional football. The corn feed Picasso stands at 6'3", weighs in at a stout 290 lbs., and once touted a 90+ mile per hour fastball. The movie "The Natural" portrays a young Roy Hobbs similar to the way in which Paleface Picasso's life was supposed to go.

Unfortunately, the athletic career of Paleface Picasso was over shadowed by a lust for alcohol and the lure of the street life. Choices made by a young man, resulting in a four year armed robbery prison term, five bullet wounds, two stab wounds, and a long list of regrets. Over time, the young man has been forced out and a new man has been formed. The new man has embraced the faith and vowed to help kids stay away from the life he had once lived.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Travis Hickey grew up working hard, playing college baseball, and obtaining a college degree in business management. He has several businesses in his home state of Indiana and is known for taking passionate business risks. He is Paleface Picasso's cousin and was just crazy enough to stick his neck into the risky music business. Hickey is quoted saying, "Fear of failure is the noose by which most people suffocate themselves. The defining day of my life was the day I quit choking myself and began to fail my way to happiness! I was 27."

Indiana's dynamic duo have made quite an impression thus far on the music business. The song "Indiana" was put on the radio well before it was ever released. Hickey had given a rough draft of the song to an advertising agent to see if the song could be used in future promotion commercials. Within 24 hours, the song was on the media based radio station 104.1 WLBC and in the top 9 at 9 with the likes of Bruno Mars and Adele. The song ran for four weeks, then was pulled by the station due to a conflict with its programmer (Steve Lindell), media consultant (Ed Shane), and station manager (Bruce Law). The album released four months later. The station made idol promises to re-launch the song, but never followed through. The song has since been selling strong via word of mouth on internet medias such as iTunes and resurfaced as a recent remix that was picked up by the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have not released the details by which the song will be played, but the song is sure to evoke emotions of pride among sports fans all over the state. All Indiana residents could use a little I-N-D-I-A-N-A! Sports teams across the state are encouraged to play the song! The song will be re-released to radio Sept. 1st of this year.

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