Tennessee Nuclear Power Plant Manufacturer Offers Economic Boost To Detroit

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American Atomics, a Tennessee based startup manufacturer of a small advanced nuclear power plant, is offering to locate its company in Detroit, Michigan and to deliver other economic benefits to the city, including flat rate 2¢ electricity.

American Atomics is presenting a plan to community leaders in Detroit, Michigan, offering to locate the company's new factory and other operations in that economically strapped city. The plan, claimed to generate between 500,000 and 1 million new jobs in Detroit over the next 10 years, includes building the world's largest factory, as well as guaranteeing to supply Detroit with electricity at a flat rate of 2¢ per kilowatt-hour for both businesses and residences, beginning in 5 years.

Mutual Benefits

According to American Atomics CEO, Jack Campbell, "Our company's launch will be at a speed and scale rarely seen, as we will essentially go from zero to approaching 100,000 manufacturing workers within a 24 month period, with job training programs beginning the summer of 2017 ahead of our August 1, 2018 factory opening. So oddly, our ideal site is one that's surrounded by that many unemployed or underemployed workers. Detroit not only meets that requirement, but does so with a quality workforce already accustomed to large-factory work environments."

Campbell adds, "Additionally, the infrastructure and services in Detroit are already scaled to the growth we will bring to the area, only requiring some modernization and ramping up of existing systems. Detroit's vast, semi-vacant condition is a near-ideal fit for our unusual requirements."

Offer Details on Company Blog

Full details of the offer have been posted to the company's blog at http://www.safereactor.org, but the high points include building an 8 million square-foot factory and a 600,000 square-foot headquarters campus, as well as developing a 1,600 acre or larger industrial park for the company's key suppliers. Additionally, the company claims that it can install its HOPE 40 power plants within the Detroit Edison service area and supply flat rate priced electricity to all Detroit businesses and resident at 2¢ per kilowatt-hour.

The only accommodations sought by the company are help in identifying appropriate sites to purchase, delivery of city services without undue administrative burdens, and cooperation from Detroit Edison in replacing the local electricity supply with that from new HOPE 40 power plants. American Atomics has stated that it will pay all costs involved, including all infrastructure improvement costs and the costs of increased city services, and that it expects to pay its fair business taxes.

Science Community Support

Many across the nuclear power science segment are pleased to see this level of commercialization of advanced power plant technology realized several years ahead of when many have been projecting it would happen.

"The price of electricity is an under-appreciated input cost to virtually all human activities," says Tom Blees, president of the non-profit SCGI group of nuclear reactor scientists. "The level of cost reduction being discussed here would have an extraordinary impact on business choices where electricity is a proportionately high input cost. I think this could have an astonishing effect on Detroit's growth with the resulting influx of industries, if it can be made to happen."

Adds Dr. Staffan Qvist, the company's Chief Reactor Engineer, "The technology we are implementing in the HOPE 40 power plant is derived from over fifty years of development in the Department of Energy laboratories. HOPE 40 combines safety and simplicity in a low cost, truly mass-produceable commercial product for the world market. Nothing could make a clearer statement about the future of advanced nuclear power than to apply it to rejuvenating such a great, historic city as Detroit."

"We demonstrated the safety of the fast reactor with our IFR project at Argonne in 1986," says Dr. George Stanford, a retired nuclear reactor physicist, and a member of the team that developed the fast reactor at Argonne National Laboratory. "Commercialization of fast-reactor technology is long overdue. To see it put to such good use will be a real pleasure."

Appeal by the Company

American Atomics seeks to discuss the specifics of its proposed commitment to Detroit with the city's government and business leaders, and to get the process of implementation underway as quickly as possible.

"Our timetable is already in motion around a different site location," says Campbell. "So, to make this work, we'll need swift cooperation with Detroit's leaders."

About American Atomics

American Atomics is a Tennessee based technology manufacturer bringing a cheap, safe, environmentally neutral small atomic power plant, the HOPE 40 power plant, to market in August, 2018, enabling owner-operators anywhere in the world to profitably sell electricity at 3¢ per kWH or less. More information is available at the company web site at http://www.americanatomics.com or on the company's blog at http://www.safereactor.org.

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