Qvinci Software Announces Partnership with The North American Association of Subway® Franchisees to Make Qvinci® Available Across the Franchisee System

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Qvinci® is now available to nearly 30,000 locations in North America; participating franchisees now have a powerful, easy-to-use tool to improve profitability; on-demand, system-wide, dynamic data provides a platform for optimizing revenues, profit margins, store development, and advertising, operating and capital initiatives.

Qvinci® is an ideal platform for optimizing our units and the Subway® system as a whole.

Qvinci Software and The North American Association of Subway® Franchisees (NAASF) are pleased to announce a partnership to make Qvinci Software’s flagship product, Qvinci® Enterprise, available through NAASF to all North American Subway® locations. Supporting NAASF members (existing and new) are able to take advantage of a free trial and special pricing negotiated by NAASF, if they act promptly (contact NAASF for details).

Illya Berecz, Executive Director of NAASF, stated:

“NAASF is at the forefront of franchisee associations in recognizing that our most important task - our biggest value to franchisee members - is providing tools that can help improve profitability. Our initiatives include:

  •     Profitability studies – using the most-current data available as smartly as possible to find ways to improve profit margins and optimize development, advertising, operating, and capital initiatives.
  •     Operational excellence/small business “best practices” – finding tools to help franchisees reduce expenses and maximize revenues.
  •     Standard chart of accounts and profit & loss package – developing a standardized chart of accounts to enable franchisees to manage their finances more uniformly and consistently.
  •     Information sharing – fostering communication with and among all franchisees within the Subway® system, and advocating on behalf of the franchisees based on input from the ‘front lines,’ so that all parties can work together to address issues and maintain the excellence of the brand.”

“Qvinci® facilitates all four initiatives in a single solution, with enterprise-class software that’s very easy to use, very fast, and very affordable,” Berecz added. “Qvinci® will help our franchisees identify best practices and specific ways to cut expenses and increase revenue. And it will give NAASF intelligent, dynamic, actionable data to share with franchisees. Qvinci® is an ideal platform for optimizing our units and the Subway® system as a whole.”

The association will be sharing this information with its Membership at the upcoming Subway® Convention in Nashville, July 26-27. NAASF also invites all Subway® franchisees who are not yet members to stop by our booth or contact us to find out more about the benefits of Qvinci® and membership in NAASF. Get started by logging into (or creating) your NAASF account at http://www.naasf.org, click Member Resources and then Services and Discounts.

Qvinci® is a cloud-based software application that enables small and mid-size businesses to gain control over their financial and operating data – and empowers them to use the data to improve profitability.

Qvinci® pulls data automatically from QuickBooks® and Excel® into a dashboard that’s easy to use. Multiple locations (2 to 20,000+) are consolidated in seconds. Qvinci®’s automatic mapping tool makes quick work of aligning charts of accounts with the system standard.

A user can click through a visual display of current, critical financial data – and have an intelligent overview of where the business stands – in less than 5 minutes. Qvinci® eliminates the guessing, wondering, and worrying. You can start your day with confidence, knowing your numbers.

Simply having current financial data in a usable format has been shown to dramatically increase profit margins and revenues in a QSR study recenty cited by Qvinci Software. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/2/prweb10409058.htm.

Qvinci® also enables a user to drill down at the granular level, for income and expense line items. It’s as simple as clicking a button. Multi-unit owners can see units side by side for comparison, and consolidated. And they can rank units using a variety of criteria.

Financial reports (including P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, A/R, A/P, ratios, and expense by vendor) over a myriad of frequency options and date ranges are all instantly visible with Qvinci®.

Franchisees using Qvinci® can benchmark themselves against the top 10%, top 20%, and average across the ecosystem, down to the line-item level, to find and adopt best practices and spot problem areas early enough to fix them. Each franchisee's individual data remains confidential to that franchisee. No data generated by Qvinci® through the NAASF partnership is shared with any third party.

Powerful, customizable filters within Qvinci® allow franchisees and NAASF to isolate aggregated data based on any metric desired – advertising campaigns, geography, unit characteristics, operating initiatives, etc. – so they can instantly see and compare the impact on revenues and profit margins.

Charles Nagel, CEO of Qvinci Software, stated “Qvinci® was developed from the ground up as a tool to help business owners run their businesses better. It’s that simple. As someone who has run and turned around a variety of businesses as COO, CEO, and consultant, I understand what’s important and what owners will and will not do. Knowing your current financial and operating data and how to use that information to boost your bottom line is important. But entrepreneurs and business owners will not waste time with solutions that are too complex or cumbersome. They will use a tool that is easy to learn, fast to deploy, affordable, and practical. “Practical” means usable (can I extract what I want in 5 minutes with no pain?) and profitable (will this tool be an expense or a profit center?). We designed Qvinci® to align 100% with that paradigm.

Nagel added, “We are very pleased to be partnering with NAASF, and we look forward to working with the franchisees of one of the top brands in the world. Qvinci® will help both the single-unit operator and the multi-unit owners and will facilitate collaboration across the Subway® system. If the benefits of this partnership are fully realized, we have no doubt that Subway® franchisees will gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”


About the North American Association of Subway® Franchisees:

NAASF is the official voice of all Subway® Franchisees, one that is truly representative, autonomous and accountable to the Subway® Franchisee community. In addition, NAASF works with all other Subway® entities on business growth and profitability and strengthening our collective investment in the brand. For more information, visit http://www.naasf.org

About Qvinci Software and Qvinci®:

Qvinci Software is the creator of Qvinci®, an industry-leading, cloud-based solution that automatically collects and consolidates in seconds an unlimited number of QuickBooks® files and other data, wherever located, in an enterprise-class interface that gives the user a vast array of tools to analyze and act on the data, for better decisions, competitive advantage, and improved profitability. To learn more about Qvinci®, visit http://www.qvinci.com

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