Xzilon Reveals Benefits of Manufacturers Going Green

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With the world becoming more focused on environmentally friendly practices, Xzilon reveals some benefits of going green.

Staying on top of the trend of going green, Xzilon has produced its own line of green car protection products. The line is just as effective as the traditional products, but offers the benefit of earth friendliness. Going beyond VOC compliance, Xzilon Green products are VOC free. More manufacturers are shifting to eco-friendly production strategies to reduce their impact on the earth. A recent article in Greener Ideal highlights five benefits of manufacturers going green.

When many people imagine manufacturers going green they think of increased cost and less efficiency. However, for many companies, while they may suffer short term, the long term benefits are significant. Going green can lead to added savings and increased revenue. Kate O’Sullivan published a study that showed more executives are warming to the idea of the green movement. It has become more than just a trend. It has become a source of sustainability. At Method, a manufacturer of household cleaning supplies, is a $100 million company that “considers eco-friendliness as a founding principle.” The company has seen the benefits that this shift can make.

Companies that use more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes not only reduce their energy consumption, but they reduce their expenses as well. Engaging in the use of renewable energy sources provides even more benefit. A large portion of the costs associated with manufacturing come from energy consumption. When this consumption is reduced, money is saved. The article shares that many financial experts believe that reduced manufacturing expenses are “one of the biggest financial benefits of going green.”

To motivate more companies to undertake green initiatives, many state and federal governments are implementing tax incentives, credits, and grant programs. Some programs encourage expanded use of renewable energy sources for production as opposed to non-renewable processes. There are other motivating factors for taking steps to protect the environment, but increased tax incentives certainly play a role for many companies.

When businesses reduce or reuse their waste, they are also saving money. A portion of their budget often goes toward the disposal of waste, but by using more green manufacturing methods, they have the ability to reduce this expense. Recycling and repurposing waste into new byproducts can generate revenue and reduce costs.

Another benefit is improved customer satisfaction. More customers are aware of the impact that manufacturing can have on the environment and support companies that are making an effort to become environmentally friendly. Having strong green initiatives can work to the benefit of a company that promotes and markets its strategies in the right way. Customers have an increased interest in purchasing eco-friendly and green products. Companies that offer these types of products have the opportunity to gain a stronger customer following. There is an appreciation by customers for companies that respect the earth and the environment.

“Customers are becoming more educated and informed about the harmful effects of manufacturing on the environment,” explains a Xzilon representative. “They want to see more companies making an effort to protect the environment and use less chemicals and harmful packaging in their products. By shifting toward green manufacturing, both companies and consumers benefit.” Xzilon’s line of green products meets the high standards of protection that customers have come to expect while still remaining environmentally friendly.


Xzilon offers a comprehensive line of automobile and airplane protection products. Applied at the dealership, these interior and exterior protective coatings and improve the look and durability of cars and planes. These products are sold at car dealerships in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico. More specific industry products are sold throughout the world. Xzilon also offers select products to consumers to help them maintain the look and protection of their car after the initial product application at the dealership.

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