History Rewritten: Controversial Ancient Alien Theories Strikingly Illustrated in New Graphic Novel

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In The Beginning: The Epic Of The Anunnaki puts science-fiction twist on creation stories.

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A driving, passionate retelling of some of Earth’s oldest theories involving gods, angels and early civilizations.

After years of careful research, Alex Teplish has released his controversial graphic novel entitled, In The Beginning: The Epic Of The Anunnaki. The novel is currently available for purchase via its promotional website, http://inthebeginningthebook.com/, with plans for all major eBook platforms to follow. The novel is full-color with high-quality gloss covers and pages.

In The Beginning: The Epic Of The Anunnaki follows the journey of an Iraq war veteran named Robert Cade, as he returns to the desert alongside renowned ancient astronaut theorist, Zecharia Sitchin. The men, in search of the location where Robert encountered a unique ancient artifact during his wartime service, are transported 400,000 years into the past as they discover and translate ancient text at the location. Together, the men experience firsthand the stories of creation, found within the Book of Genesis, and watch as an extraterrestrial influence blends perceived fact, religious stories, and Sitchin's own theories.

A driving, passionate retelling of some of Earth’s oldest theories involving gods, angels and early civilizations, In The Beginning: The Epic Of The Anunnaki surmises theories of the ancient astronauts. What ancient civilizations, such as the Sumerians, perceived to be higher beings, may actually have been the Anunnaki: advanced extraterrestrial beings from, Nibiru, a distant planet in our solar system, which gifted early hominids with their vast knowledge of language, mathematics, and astronomy.

In writing his novel, Alex Teplish called on the talents of artists worldwide in order to illustrate the dynamic, powerful story of the Anunnaki. Artistic talents from the Philippines, China, Romania, Argentina and California are all blended into the novel. Through these rousing images, Teplish’s novel challenges the perceived qualities of traditional history in many ways, including the portrayal of Adam and Eve as dark-skinned and the visualization of angels and gods in the form of extraterrestrials.

Teplish’s story stretches back to the beginning of mankind, with traditional biblical tales, including Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and Noah’s Ark, all with the intervention of the Anunnaki. Through its powerful storytelling, the novel spins ancient astronaut theory into popular history to pose the question: What if it was all misunderstood?

In The Beginning: The Epic Of The Anunnaki is considered science fiction, however much of its information and theories are derived from the wildly popular ancient astronaut theories that some consider to be a possible true ancient history. This first-of-its-kind novel puts many of these theories into a visual storyline for readers, giving the Anunnaki an image and allowing readers to conceptualize their existence in conjunction with the presumed theories.

Author Alex Teplish is available for personal interviews and appearances, as well as booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and book-signings. For information about Teplish, his novel or to inquire regarding distribution, please contact PR(at)inthebeginningthebook(dot)com.

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