Jamie Carter, Licensed Plumbing Contractor, Offers "GREEN" Plumbing Advice to Local Homeowners

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Jamie Carter offers advice to homeowners about how to limit water used by a home's plumbing system to make it more plumbing green-friendly. Jamie Carter is a Certified Plumbing Engineer and the owner of Carter's My Plumber located in Indianapolis, IN and offers free advice to homeowners about plumbing.

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Carter promotes Green Plumbing Technology

Limit water use and eliminate water waste to make a home green-friendly.

By limiting water used by the plumbing system in a home, homeowner's will eliminate the waste of water usage, and save money.

The earth has a limited supply of water and a constantly growing use pattern, and adding "green" fixtures and plumbing to a home will save the environment, and save the homeowner money.
When most people think of high water use, sinks and toilets are first to come to mind, which are two great places to start, but green plumbing possibilities do not end there. There are several ways to be more responsible and cost effective with a home’s water consumption.


Cut water utilization with low flow toilets. There are Dual flow toilets which allow regular flush, or a low flow flush - based on need. There are also power-flush toilets which use a vacuum suction flush.

Sinks and Showers

All sinks can be fitted with low flow faucets which produce plenty of water for normal use without overloading the system and wasting water. The kitchen sink faucet can be equipped with a hose device for easily turning on water to rinse and automatically shut off the flow when the handle is released. One of the highest water wastes of a home is a kitchen sink where water runs constantly during rinsing and washing dishes, pots, and pans.

Sensor operated water flow faucets can be installed in all of the bathrooms to prevent wasting water. The sensor recognizes when a hand is in front of the spigot and turns on and off accordingly. Sensor operated faucets also help control germs from touching faucets with dirty hands. Install a low-flow showerhead to control the amount of water used during bathing.

Water Heaters and Other Devices

Water heaters with reservoirs which store large amounts of water and heat it constantly even when there is no demand, not only waste water but huge amounts of energy to heat the container.

Tankless water heaters allow hot water to be generated only when called upon and eliminates heating element costs during times water is not being used.
There is the option of installing point of use water heaters. These units do not supply the entire house, but rather specific areas where more hot water may be desired quickly such as showers. Another alternative is to install a solar powered water heater. This cuts the energy used to heat the water in the containment system.

Leak Detection

If a homeowner has an unusually high water bill, it may be a plumbing leak and some common areas to look are the toilet and leaky faucets. Water leak detection can help locate a leak underground or other hard to find leaks. Some Plumbers may offer this service, or have a leak detection specialist they work with. Carter’s My Plumber offers this service to customers.

About Carter’s My Plumber
Carter’s My Plumber LLC offers highly professional and experienced Plumbers in Indianapolis. We have been in the Plumbing Business since 1976, providing Residential and Light Commercial Plumbing Services to Indianapolis and nearby areas, including Plumbers in Greenwood, Southport, Beech Grove, Mooresville, Camby, Whiteland, Franklin, Bargersville and Plainfield. We treat every job like its family – we are a 3 generation Plumbing Business!

Carter’s My Plumber is a reliable full service Plumbing Company. We focus on doing every Plumbing job 100% accurate, which, includes hours of training, and continuing education about products & procedures. The quality of our workmanship speaks volumes about our dedication to customer service.

Green Plumbing Ideas by Jamie Carter

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