Mike, a 2-Pack Daily Smoker, Recently Quit Smoking With the Help of Goldlite Hypnosis Institute

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Mike quit smoking 2 packs a day after 2 hypnosis sessions with Goldlite Hypnosis Institute.

Renee Sakr

Smoking Is Very Destructive to Peoples' Health, The Earlier They Quit The Better They Feel.
Renee Sakr

Mike has been smoking for the last 30 years. He knew that cigarettes are very bad and destructive for his health, but he did not care. He always thought that he was young and healthy and never believed that smoking could cause him harm.

Sixth months ago, Mike started having problems with breathing. He went to see a doctor who did multiple tests for him and told him that he has (COPD) a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which is a serious lung disease that usually causes breathing to get worse over time. COPD includes emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or both. Mike had both problems. His COPD included episodes called flare-ups (also known as exacerbations). It is well known that emphysema associated with COPD can make it hard to breathe. So he had to work with his doctor and make a treatment plan to breathe better.

One of the most important things that his doctor insisted on is that he quit smoking immediately.

Mike decided to quit smoking. In the beginning, he tried a quit smoking medicine pill which made him sick and very uncomfortable, and gave him suicidal thoughts a common side effect of the pill. Then he tried different modalities, the patch, acupuncture, acupressure etc. but nothing worked for him.

Finally, after few months of trial and error, he decided to try quitting with hypnosis. He found Goldlite Hypnosis Institute, called them and took the first available appointment. At the beginning he was a little uncomfortable with hypnosis, but after the first session, he started to understand how it works. He began to feel much better and started to cooperate. After 2 sessions, he quit smoking completely. His doctor was very happy and proud of him for quitting. He told him that he is now on the path to recovery.

Mike was also taught some yoga breathing techniques that helped him breathe better and keep the muscles that support breathing open longer to improve lung circulation.

People in general smoke for many different reasons. They smoke when they are happy and when they are sad. They smoke after food, with coffee and other drinks.

They smoke when they are on the phone and when driving. Although, quitting smoking with hypnosis is very easy and fast some people still erroneously think that they cannot quit smoking, because they are addicted to it. But, the question is, if they are addicted to smoking why don't they wake up in the middle of the night to smoke? Smoking is more of a habit than it is an addiction.

Mrs. Renee Sakr, an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, the owner of Goldlite Hypnosis Institute has been helping people quit smoking for over 18 years. She has helped thousands of people quit smoking and have better healthy lives.

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