The Florida Knee and Orthopedic Centers Success Story: Bilateral Partial Knee Replacement

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Knee surgeries can be very intimidating and because of this many people suffer with knee pain much longer than they should. A patient that recently underwent a bilateral partial knee resurfacing shares his story about beating knee pain in both knees.

Joe Dimeo

Joe Dimeo | FKOC Patient

If I would have known that I could live without knee pain so quickly and easily, I would have had the procedures done years ago.

There is not many people that can say they had both of their knees resurfaced back-to-back and are up dancing within weeks of recovery. However, a patient of The Florida Knee and Orthopedic Centers (FKOC), Joe Dimeo sure can. Joe received bilateral partial knee resurfacing procedures within two months and has been golfing, dancing and much more just weeks after (and a little in between) his surgeries.

Joe Dimeo was much like most people that suffer from severe arthritis pain of the knees; he was intimidated by knee replacement surgery and avoided it for as long as he could. But, when the pain in both knees became unbearable and really started to affect his active lifestyle, he knew it was time to get them fixed. Joe visited two different Tampa Bay orthopedic doctors who each told him that he needed total knee replacements in both knees. After hearing so many success stories from people he knew that had similar surgeries at The Florida Knee and Orthopedic Centers he felt it was time for a third opinion, and he is glad that he did.

After hearing such great things about FKOC’s Dr. Hayter from previous patients, Joe made his appointment while expecting a similar diagnosis from this third doctor. Nonetheless, that was not the case. Dr. Hayter showed Joe his x-rays and described to him exactly what the pain was caused by and what options he had to overcome it. Since Joe only had deteriorated cartilage in one compartment of each knee, he was a perfect candidate for bilateral partial knee resurfacing rather than both knees being totally replaced. Bilateral partial knee resurfacing is a less-invasive form of knee surgery where one compartment of each knee joint is fitted with an implant while the healthy parts of the joint are resurfaced therefore leaving the patient with as much of their own joint as possible.

“I suffered from knee pain in both knees for seven years avoiding at any cost to get the surgery. The other surgeons that I went to were all telling me that I needed total knee replacements. Dr. Hayter said, ‘No you don’t and I’ll tell you why’ and he showed me with the x-ray in hand exactly why I could get away with a partial” stated Joe Dimeo. “I had confidence in Dr. Hayter, so I went for it and I’m glad I did!”

Joe’s partial knee resurfacing procedures were done seven weeks apart to allow proper recovery between surgeries. Both procedures were completed without complication and Joe is extremely pleased to be back to his active lifestyle of golfing, dancing and much more within a month of his second (and final) partial knee resurfacing.

“If I would have known that I could live without knee pain so quickly and easily, I would have had the procedures done years ago” he reflects. Joe now offers much of his time to share his incredible bilateral partial knee resurfacing experience in hopes that it will help people to stop procrastinating when it comes to getting their knees fixed.

When asked for advice from friends that suffer from severe arthritis pain of the knees, Joe Dimeo tells them “Don’t wait to get your knees fixed. Make an appointment at FKOC and prepare to start getting your life back and living pain free!” Joe loves to recommend Dr. Hayter and FKOC to friends telling them about his personal experiences with the orthopedic practice and emphasizing how refreshing it was to have such an honest surgeon.

About Bilateral Partial Knee Resurfacing
Partial knee resurfacing is a small-incision procedure that can greatly benefit people who have arthritis in only one compartment of the knee. Instead of replacing the entire knee, partial knee resurfacing replaces only the side of the knee damaged by arthritis. The incision is small, there’s less pain, faster recovery and most patients are walking within 2-3 days. When a patient has partial knee resurfacing in both knees, it is a bilateral partial knee resurfacing. Learn more about bilateral partial knee resurfacing at

About The Florida Knee and Orthopedic Centers
The Florida Knee and Orthopedic Centers, established in 1983, has a national reputation for excellence in orthopedic innovations and state-of-the-art surgery. A team of orthopedic specialists treat patients at two locations on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The Florida Knee and Orthopedic Centers is a multi-site group orthopedic surgical practice specializing in knee, hip and shoulder problems with an emphasis on joint resurfacing and arthroscopy. Learn more about this orthopedic practice by visiting their website at

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