ANF’s Stackable Tolling Solution Decreases Cost of Entry into High Pressure Processing by 93%

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The competitive Stackable Tolling Solution provided by All Natural Freshness creates more opportunities to any food business who wants to take advantage of HPP by resolving the main limitations in High Pressure Processing.

ANF Stackable Tolling Solution help customers create enough processed product to run an entire production run.

All Natural Freshness’s ultimate goal is to help every food manufacturer who wants to implement HPP to get in the business, as well as achieve the lowest cost per pound with the fewest touches possible.

High Pressure Processing (HPP), as a novel processing technology, has been widely adopted by many large food manufacturers such as Starbucks, Wholly Guacamole, Boathouse, Ifantis and many more. Food manufacturers who prefer to deliver a clean label, safer, healthier, premium product would High Pressure Process their products as it offers the microbial kill advantages of pasteurization without heat. Heat pasteurization reduces flavor, changes texture, and harms nutrient concentration. HPP reduces process times and thus eliminates heat damage, as well as maintains vitamin content, flavor, texture, color, and nutrients.

HPP offers these tremendous benefits, but high capital expenditure and limited throughput are HPP main current limitations for food processors (Source: Food Safety Magazine). The two dominant volume outputs Avure’s 350L and NC Hiperaric 420L approximately at a cost up to $3Million. This capital cost to implementation immediately limits a large amount of medium, small, and startup companies that want to launch HPP products.

“All Natural Freshness’s ultimate goal is to help every food manufacturer who wants to implement HPP to get in the business, as well as achieve the lowest cost per pound with the fewest touches possible,” states Gerald Ludwick, CEO of All Natural Freshness.

To make that possible ANF has developed a solution that offers customer specific levels of automation tolling service; the key to the whole puzzle, a stackable, moveable, shipping ready buffering system. Return on investment on HPP equipment is usually realized in at least two or three years depending on the product (Source: Food Production Daily). Without a high capital expenditure upfront, it allows food processors to benefit from HPP immediately with a rapid return on investment on the new expanded fresh product. HPP Stackable Tolling Solution is the quickest way for food processors to high pressure process their fresh product and launch these premium products in the market without waiting 9 – 12 months for a new High Pressure Pasteurization implementation.

All Natural Freshness has developed a tolling station network nationally that assures the same day processing for their fresh product. In the illustration above, the HPP baskets are filled with product in to pallets directly from production, they are sent to the tolling station in an unprocessed cold storage buffer, then High Pressure Processed. Afterward the processed HPP baskets are taken to processed cold storage. The products in the basket pallets are secured and loaded into a truck, then shipped to distributors, retailers, or warehouse in the same processing day.

“The Stackable Tolling Solution is a seamless, flexible High Pressure Processing solution that keeps up with exiting food production volume and fully traceable in the supply chain with ANF’s traceability platform to deliver a safer, healthier, fresher product to the customer,” commented Jurhs, VP business of development.

All Natural Freshness’ Stackable Tolling Pallet is especially suitable for the following:

  •     Small production scale operators
  •     Ready to HPP, but not ready to purchase
  •     Low upfront capital cost requirement
  •     New HPP product launch requiring assistance with the HPP packaging and certified recipes

“We provide an end-to-end HPP Solution in terms of HPP system sales and service, HPP plant design, recipe generation, HPP tolling service, HPP packaging, and material handling for every stage food development or manufacturing process whether an existing HPP machine user, a third party tolling station, or a food processor just exploring the potential opportunity. By understanding our customers’ needs we can best work together to come up with a strategy of how HPP may fit into their plans and how it will affect their market place,” states Ludwick, CEO of All Natural Freshness.

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