NYC Independent Film Festival is Gearing Up for Its Fourth Year

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Independent filmmakers' passion burns as bright on the screen as any Hollywood CGI effects. NYC Independent Film Festival encourages such talent and gives them the opportunity to showcase it to hundreds of audience.

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Anyone who walks into the NYC Independent Film Festival is immediately surrounded by people who appreciate the art. Aware of the process it takes to properly produce a film.

For 2013, Hollywood has a devastatingly bleak lineup of movie sequels and prequels set to be churned out at a movie theatre soon. What happens when “The Last Exorcism” isn’t the last, the audience has “Die(d) Hard” five times and the second “Smurfs” wasn’t as good as the already bad “Smurfs” before? Hollywood has for the past years, given an onslaught of the rehashed, remade and lackluster blockbusters that have left the audience with more to be desired and wondering “Where is the art in filmmaking nowadays?” The art forged by the great minds and talents such as Ben Phillippo, David Scheve, and James Brannon. Don’t know them? Well, that’s because they’re not backed by Hollywood’s enormous budget or forced by sponsors to repeat the same mistakes over and over.

They’re a part of the NYC Independent Film Festival. The Fourth Annual NYC Independent Film Festival celebrates the art of filmmaking. Whether made by a professional filmmaker or a student with a camera, the Cieri Media hosted event encourages the promotion of new and emerging voices in film, spoken word, music, and art.

The festival has reviewed over a thousand films and, with each year, more and more people are submitting. The hope is to get into the festival where the artist's film will be shown to hundreds upon hundreds of people eagerly waiting to see what the talented independent creators have to offer.

Welcoming all categories of films including documentaries, features, shorts, animation, and music videos, the festival is spread across three days, October 18th to the 20th, with the final schedule set to be released on August 16th (check for updates).

Located in the heart of the Times Square, and accepting films from all around the world, the festival has received about 600 films this year. With such a large selection, there is definitely something for everyone.

Bischtar Az Do Saat” by Ali Asgardi, one of the many brilliant films, shows the dark side of Iranian society, where trying to find a simple solution can prove drastically harder when everything seems to be going wrong.

Vaseline” tells the tale of a woman who eagerly awaits change, wishing to be set free of her unfulfilling life by her Prince Charming; a true Cinderella of the Wild West. With her talented female country vocals and outstanding cinematography, it’s clear that the level of passion and skill she and her team has is worthy of great things.

“Celui Qui Pleure A Perdu” by Marion Lefeuvre asks a simple question: how much would a person give or give up to see someone who has died? It’s set in a futuristic society where those in the living world who mourn can have those passed on be brought back to life. But there are two simple rules. It’s only for ten minutes and they can’t cry. If those watching the interaction see one single drop of water forming in their eye, the meeting is terminated, no matter if they spent nine minutes or nine seconds. This cruel science-fiction drama is sure to test one’s emotional response.

How about an animated love tale called “Coffee and Fried Chicken”? The creator, Kun-I Chang, expresses his deep affection for the love of his life in a non-conventional way. He animated their whole relationship into a 6-minute short following the couple depicted as their cute nicknames for each other, a monkey and a bunny.

Anyone who walks into the NYC Independent Film Festival is immediately surrounded by people who appreciate the art of filmmaking. Aware of the process it takes to properly produce a film, these are people who have written, directed, edited, and even starred in their own productions. All dressed up with their family, friends, and loved ones, they sit together waiting to see their film up on the screen. A round of applause follows each film, every other person commenting on the film they have just watched, some even leaving with a few more bits of knowledge that they can apply to their own work next time. There’s a real sense of community, even though the filmmakers are from all around the world. There’s something about the craft that just brings people together.

There are people (tons of people) whose passion burns as bright on the screen as any Hollywood CGI effects. They might not cast high-profile actors or actresses, but they will be able to explore new dazzling talent, techniques and ideas.

The NYC Independent Film Festival may only just be shy of its half a decade mark, but the impact it has on the “small” filmmaking community is huge. This is the perfect outlet for those who want to showcase their talents and possibly even use this as a stepping-stone to go to even greater heights. The NYC Independent Film Festival is proud to showcase such talents and is all about supporting those who have the talent and vision to be the next great filmmakers of future generations. Even if the viewer is not the eyes behind the camera and they just love a good movie, they can grab the tickets here and see these artists shine. Film lovers get to grab a drink at the bar, sit back, and enjoy the weekend, one indie film at a time.

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