What's on Your Toothbrush? Knowing May Just Save Your Life!

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Preventing serious infections by fighting off and killing harmful bacteria easily without effort can be achieved daily by using new Oral SteriClean™ UV Toothbrush Sanitizers. Knowing the connection between one’s mouth and body is critical in living a healthy lifestyle; applying daily effective methods to prevent infectious disease may just save one’s life.

Oral SteriClean FDA Proven to kill Toothbrush Bacteria

Oral SteriClean FDA Proven to kill Toothbrush Bacteria

Keeping our immune system strong and sanitizing our germ infested toothbrushes is essential in a healthy lifestyle.

Oral SteriClean™ UV Toothbrush sanitizers just make sense for one’s health. The developer, a dental hygienist has a deep love for her patients, she had one goal in mind and that was to offer the only FDA clinically tested and proven UV sanitizer that kills specific infectious bacteria that cause heart disease, heart infection, stroke, meningitis, respiratory infections, pneumonia, blood infections, ear infections, eye infections, ulcers, GI Tract infections and life threatening diseases. This is also the only sanitizer that is proven to fight gum disease and cavities too. Oral SteriClean™ UV Toothbrush sanitizers was developed for everyone to afford because everyone deserves the protection! “As a dental hygienist, I took an oath and affirmed a commitment to improve the health of the public. As a mother, I vowed to protect my children while creating an environment that helps them fight off harmful bacteria that cause life threatening diseases and take so many lives. Keeping our immune system strong and sanitizing our germ infested toothbrushes is essential in a healthy lifestyle.”

Oral SteriClean™ UV Toothbrush sanitizers replace cups and toothbrush holders that are used today and are noted as the most unsanitary house hold item, making Americans extremely sick. In 2012, New York State Dental Journal noted “ 70% of toothbrushes are heavily contaminated with microorganisms affecting our heart and making us sick.”

Oral SteriClean™ UV Toothbrush sanitizer is made easy, after brushing simply place your toothbrush in the holder and that’s it. Built to last Oral SteriClean™ was developed to kill specific microorganisms that cause serious disease, some of which can be fatal. Clinically tested and proven, Oral SteriClean™ kills the most aggressive and harmful bacteria, some of which can easily penetrate one’s body defenses and allow bacteria to spread, others that are resistant to antibiotics and many that cause millions of deaths each year.

Heart disease (or cardiovascular disease) is the leading cause of death in the United States. Healthy hearts and healthy gums play essential roles in maintaining a healthy body. Oral SteriClean™ protects one’s heart and keeps it beating strong!

“My family and I use this product every day! I recommend it to all of my patients; it provides the protection they need to fight off infection, it just makes sense!" says Dr. Lee Michael Luciani, M.D., Ontario, CA.

Recently published by Dentistry IQ, Journal RDH magazine, and The Tatum Times, Oral SteriClean™ is entering every household providing millions of Americans the protection they need to keep infections at bay.

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