Online Estate Agent shares sales success tips for selling your home

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4 Questions You Should Ask before Selling: 1. How much do I save by using an online estate agent? A traditional estate agent can save you time and effort but by charging 1% to 3%.

4 Questions You Should Ask before Selling

1. How much do I save by using an online estate agent?

A traditional estate agent can save you time and effort, but by charging 1% to 3% they could cost you thousands of pounds compared with selling through an online estate agent like Here you get the best of both worlds, expert advice, good sense, professional back-up but at a fixed price of just 0.5% +VAT. And no irritating jargon or flashy suits!

2. Is my selling price right?

It is vital to do a little research before putting your home on the market. Time spent here could pay you some serious dividends. So start by checking the price of similar properties in your local estate agent's windows, your local newspapers and free magazines. Then compare these prices with similar properties on We are the online agents for Manchester and surrounding areas. We are very realistic when advising our clients about 'pricing to sell' so the sums you see on are a good guide to what your property might be worth.

We often recommend that, as well as using our extensive knowledge on selling in Manchester, you should ask a couple of local estate agents for free valuations. Then compare the various quotes, combine this with your local research, and you should be able to set a good but realistic price for your home.

You have to be honest with yourself about the condition and location of your property. Don't be greedy or your home could take ages and much frustration to sell. Don't ask too little because buyers will always try to lower the price, so allow for this by building in an extra amount over the price you realistically hope to receive. Our final tip is to copy the experts in selling (like supermarkets and garages) and set your selling price just under a whole number, for instance, £159,900 rather than £160,000.

Steve, a partner in adds: "In today's challenging house market it is more important than ever to take some trouble to get your price right. On the positive side, however, we've helped many people selling properties in Manchester and surrounding areas get the price they wanted."

3. When is the best time to sell my home?

Traditionally spring and early summer are peak selling times in the home selling market. Early autumn is equally good as people are keen to move in before Christmas.

Steve, a partner in adds: "It's no coincidence that good weather increases interest in home-buying, and obviously properties look their best then. But sadly, for home selling in Manchester the sun can't be guaranteed! Still, we find that a bright, warm and friendly home can really make up for the lack of rays."

4. What am I including in the price?

It is important that you decide what fixtures and fittings are included in your selling price. And what you might consider selling for an additional price. There are no set definitions, but a fixture is widely understood as something that is fixed to the walls or floor and a fitting is an item that is free-standing or fitted to something by a hook or nail.

Fixtures can include: Built-in wardrobes and cupboards, bathroom suites, kitchen units, central heating boilers and radiators plus plug sockets and light fixtures.

Fittings can include: Free-standing ovens, refrigerators and washing machines, carpets, curtains and curtain rails plus television aerials and satellite dishes.

It's vital that you make sure your buyer understands exactly what they are getting with the selling price and what fittings they might pay extra for. Any misunderstanding could lead to legal problems holding up your sale.

Steve, a partner in adds: "We recommend that you create a simple but clear inventory of your property's fixtures and fittings, and can help you as this is part of our service."

5 Tips for Successful Selling

1. Be simple,concise but hard selling.

Traditional Estate agent's jargon can be even more off-putting than they are! Selling a home in Manchester can be very competitive but be simple, honest and informative in your description and your prospective buyers will be even more tempted. Think back to what first attracted you to your current home and make sure that this is clearly presented. It's just as likely to make your home stand out from similar properties. With these tips in mind you'll understand why writes your property's description simply and effectively. You'll see that hard selling doesn't have to be hard on people's patience!

2. Look your best.

A picture is worth a 1000 words. It's certainly true if you wish to successfully sell your home. A prospective buyer scanning quickly through an online home-selling site must be immediately 'stopped' by a single image of your property. So, as well as making sure the paintwork, garden etc is looking at its best, it's important to choose your home's best aspect. At we're happy to give our expert view on your home's best view and then we take the pictures. In a flash, they can be on our site and working hard at catching that buyer's eye.

3. Be seen in all the right places.

    These days you can't walk down the high street, or look in a local newspaper or free magazine without being bombarded with 'home for sale' adverts. It's cluttered and confusing so what should you do when you're selling your property in Manchester and surrounding areas. Well smart sellers are going online by working with companies like They know that prospective buyers are increasingly relying on sites like Zoopla, Prime Location and Find a property. Steve, a partner at says: 'We believe sites like these are the right places to sell and our record of successful sales proves that going online is the future of home selling'.

4. Get the legal stuff sorted.

    Most people choose to let the experts search amongst the small print. But make sure you're ready to go when that buyer bites by arranging your advisor in advance.

It can roughly take about ten weeks from offer to completion. But this relies on things like how fast your, and your buyer's advisor works, the speed of the local authority and Land Registry searches and whether you're unlucky enough to hit a 'chain. You can, of course, hand most of these headaches over to who can offer you our total house buying solution including conveyancing, EPCs and mortgage advice.

5. Relax and let us do it all. is your one stop selling/buying shop. We can help you self sell your property and save £1000s.

5 Ways to Super-sell Your Home

1. Enhance that first impression.

People often drive or walk past a property before they book an appointment. So make sure your home has "pavement appeal." This means an attractive exterior and visual evidence that the property had been well-maintained. Roof tiles, gutters, drainpipes, etc. should bear inspection, and the paintwork on doors and windows should sparkle. If you've got a front garden give it a quick make-over, exterminate the weeds and add some colourful plants in pots.

2. Work on the charm.

What sort of welcome will your prospective buyers get as they walk through your front door? Magazines often suggest having a pot of sweet-smelling coffee on the go or spraying lavender around. But to ensure it's love at first sight takes far more pre-planning. First, look at the decoration. Obviously, repaint scuffed surfaces but also consider the walls throughout your home. Plain colours work best (leave patterned wallpapers to "artsy" interior decorators,and they create a neutral background, so your buyer can imagine their possessions in place.

3. Create a feeling of space.

We have a word for you - de-clutter! The bikes in the hall, the books piled up, the pictures of the kids on the fridge, the clothes in your bulging wardrobes, all must disappear. Hopefully you've got a helpful friend/relative with spare space but the charity shops are always grateful!

4. Stay fresh.

What's that in the air when your prospective buyers are looking around? Is it the sweet smell of success or is it the cat litter? If you smoke, have pets or kids (or both), a thorough freshening up is required for your whole house before the buyers arrive. Research tells us that smoke and pet smells are the biggest turn-off when house-viewing. Having fresh flowers around is a good idea, but nothing too strongly scented because that can be a turn-off too.

5. Know your place.

Be prepared to answer any questions about your local area, like its special attractions and important facilities. The nearest rail and bus stations, for instance, plus local schools and shopping centres. All this will add to the appeal of your home.

The Complete Online Estate Agent:

Established in 2007, has been helping people save thousands on Estate Agents fees. offer the complete agency service including valuations, photographs, arranging viewing, negotiating sales and sales completion. We are also able to assist with EPCs, mortgages and conveyancing. Steve, partner at says, "We provide an excellent service to our Customers giving great value in a time when it is most needed. We're happy to have helped save people thousands in estate agency fees over the past five years."

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