MedActive Provides Sjögren’s Patients New Dry Mouth Protocol Trial

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Thousands of Sjögren’s patients will evaluate the MedActive® Oral Relief Continuum™.

MedActive is the leading producer of new generation oral care and relief brands.

MedActive Oral Pharmaceuticals, with help from 3,000 Sjögren’s Foundation members, recently launched a month long Oral Relief Protocol Trial Evaluation to support continued research into xerostomia relief. Xerostomia, commonly referred to as “dry mouth,” is caused by salivary gland dysfunction, one of the symptoms associated with Sjögren’s syndrome. Sjögren’s is an autoimmune disease in which immune cells attack the glands that produce saliva.

MedActive is the leading producer of new generation oral care and relief brands. The Brands address the need for continuous and comprehensive management of salivary dysfunction, mucosal hydration, bacterial overgrowth, sensitivity, oral thrush, inflammation, demineralization and loss of taste caused by chronic illnesses, hundreds of commonly prescribed medications, various therapies, occupational hazards and lifestyle.

MedActive contacted Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation members, via a direct mail campaign, inviting them to participate in a month long evaluation of MedActive® Oral Relief Lozenges, Spray and Gel, specially formulated to provide relief for corrupted oral cavities which typically manifest high sensitivity to anything taken orally.

“MedActive is committed to providing superior oral relief solutions to the millions of Sjögren’s patients around the globe who need to enhance saliva and hydrate soft oral tissue continuously throughout the day and night,” said Sofia Santayana, Director of Health Care Promotions at MedActive. “Sjögren’s patients are at high risk of developing complex oral problems caused by compromised salivary gland function. They provide an excellent means of testing for voluntary ongoing compliance – the key to effective management of oral discomfort. The Sjögren’s patient’s feedback, gained through personal evaluations such as this, supports our efforts to develop the world’s finest oral care and relief products. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Sjögren’s community to improve health and quality of life.”

Medical and dental professionals report a huge increase in the number of patients with chronic illnesses manifesting adverse oral side effects, such as dry mouth, oral thrush, increased cavities and burning mouth, which can negatively impact health and quality of life. This epidemic of oral health problems has led MedActive to seek ways to redefine what an effective oral care regimen must provide. Saliva is nature’s first line of defense against both oral disease and systemic invasion by microbial pathogens.

For more information, please visit, call toll free 1-866-887-4867 or contact Sofia Santayana, Director of Health Care Promotions at 1-866-887-4867 or sofias(at)medactive(dot)com.

About MedActive Oral Pharmaceuticals, LLC:
MedActive specializes in high compliance OTC oral care and relief brands, which provide continuous relief from discomfort associated with dry mouth, thrush, inflammation, dentin sensitivity, sores and lesions, most often caused by medications and chronic illness. MedActive’s patented formulations combine safe and effective saliva enhancement and mucosal hydration with Patient-Friendly™ Hedonics, which support ongoing patient adherence.

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