ColdQuanta Announces New BEC Training Workshops

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A first for the Boulder based company: training physicists to create Bose Einstein Condensates in four days.

Satyendra Nath Bose and Albert Einstein in 1924 first predicted and described the quantum behavior of atoms when cooled to temperatures very close to Absolute Zero (-273.15C or -459.67F). Advances In laser cooling techniques (for which Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Stephen Chu and Bill Phillips won a 1997 Nobel Prize) allowed Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman to demonstrate the existence of what was known as Bose-Einstein Condensates for the first time in 1995 for which they won a 2001 Nobel Prize. A sample of 87Rubidium atoms was cooled in a magneto-optical trap. It was then loaded into a magnetic trap and evaporative cooling techniques were applied until the condensate was formed. Immediately the cloud was imaged. ColdQuanta is now offering physicists a crash course on how to apply those Nobel Prize winning techniques in a four-day workshop.

ColdQuanta the leading commercial supplier of BEC, ultracold and cold atom generating devices and systems will be conducting intensive workshops for physicists to learn how to achieve those ultracold atoms for their own experiments. The course was conceived after industry personnel, interested in setting up their own cold atom labs, contacted the company. Believed to be the first time a commercial company has offered such type of training. Rainer Kunz, CEO, of ColdQuanta stated that “It would be ideal for grad students or physicists whose laser and evaporative cooling skills may be a little rusty and want to refresh their knowledge.”

The four-day course will be held in Boulder at the ColdQuanta offices. Attendees will get an intense overview of the principles behind creating MOTs and BEC. However, the course will have a heavy emphasis on lab work using ColdQuanta’s miniMOT ™ and RuBECi® systems. The course will augment attendees’ skills to allow them to rapidly set up and deploy his or her own experiments in BEC and ultracold atoms with or without the ColdQuanta systems. Anyone interested in this course should contact ColdQuanta directly at info(at)coldquanta(dot)com.

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