Provides a Guide on the Effects of Traffic Tickets on Insurance for Drivers

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Insurance Rates are higher when drivers have tickets attached to their driving record. Ltd. provides tips for Ontario drivers regarding the consequences of speeding tickets and car insurance rates through a useful guide.

The guide provided by will help drivers to have a better understanding of how traffic tickets affect their driving record. It will also demonstrate how insurance providers can increase insurance rates based on the number of demerit points and the severity of the infractions that have been committed.

Ontario Speeding Ticket Penalties

Speeding tickets are not only being costly due to fines and demerit points, but can also increase the amount that one pays for car insurance. Hiring a professional to fight tickets may save a driver between hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the three years the speeding ticket will be on one's record.

Demerit Points for Driving Over the Limit

The amount of demerit points and their associated speeds over the limit are determined by the Ministry of Transportation and are as follows:

•0 – 15 km/hr over = 0 points (minor infraction)
•16 – 29km/hr over = 3 points (minor infraction)
•30 – 49 km/hr over = 4 points (minor infraction)
•50+ km/hr over = 6 points + 30 day licence suspension
•50+ km/hr over (speed driving or drag racing) = 6 points + automatic 7 day licence suspension and car gets impounded + up to 2 year suspension of licence if convicted.

Paying the Ticket Is Admitting Guilt

If a driver pays for a speeding ticket, they are pleading guilty and it will be placed on their record, regardless of whether or not it leads to demerit points. Challenging the ticket in court will allow one to prevent the infraction from being placed on their record or get a lesser penalty.

A professional who reviews one's case and the evidence presented can find mistakes and thus provide the best possible defense to prevent from getting the infraction placed on one's driving record.

Speeding Ticket Fines

Tickets that are much more serious have significantly higher fines. The fine is not shown if one is given a Summons to Defendant, which will require a driver to plead innocent or guilty. Pleading guilty for this level of offense may cause one to be fined $500 to $10,000.

A fine from a speeding ticket will depend on how much over the speed limit one allegedly drove. Below are the various levels of infractions based on the suspected speed a person was apparently going. In Ontario, all speeding tickets add a Victim Surcharge on top of the fine to assist violent crime sufferers. Each notice of offense will therefore have two amounts on them.

•1-19 km/hr Each km above the limit times $2.50 = amount
•20-29 km/hr Each km above the limit times $3.75 = amount
•30-49 km/hr Each km above the limit times $6.00 = amount
•50 km/hr+ (speeding) The amount over times $9.75 times $1.25 = amount
•50+km/hr (speed driving or drag racing) the amount will be from $2,000 to $10,000

Insurance Consequences for Speeding

Insurance companies focus not on the number of demerit points one has accrued, but on the severity and number of convictions placed on one's record. Generally, one or two minor speeding tickets will not result in increased car insurance rates, however, more than two tickets or a serious speeding violation will result in a higher insurance rate.

Insurance companies will use any traffic infractions placed on one record to increase their rates, and will increase rates even higher for multiple infractions on ones record.

Suspension of License and Jail

If a speeding ticket is very serious, one may face a license suspension or even time in jail. A driver should fully understand the penalties in their case before admitting any guilt, so that they can make the right decisions on how to handle the case.

Please visit for more detailed information on the cost of speeding in Ontario and how demerit points affect car insurance rates with ones insurance provider. For other insurance tips & information, visit’s Learning Centre.

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