Tip Sheet from Rapid Cool: Commercial Misting Systems Can Cool a Restaurants’ Patrons in Summer

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Restaurants do not have to lose customers due to heat during the summer. With these 5 tips, Rapid Cool shares how restaurants can accommodate customers and fill tables with commercial misting systems.

A restaurant that keeps its customers cool in the summer is more likely to get repeat business. They offer a feeling of relief and safety from the heat of the sun.

Imagine a man is seeking refuge from the noonday heat. He has a few restaurant choices around him, but when he stops in front of one, he is hit with relief from water mist cooling fans (http://www.rapidcool.com/fans.html) outside of that restaurant. Lunch is obviously packed at this place, but waiting is not uncomfortable. He has been sweating and is now being seated outside at this restaurant's patio.

Even this is refreshing, as the misters keep customers on the patio cool. He is able to order his lunch, eat in peace and remain cool, all without entering the main restaurant. The restaurant has kept the wait time down by utilizing the patio, even in the horrendous heat. Other restaurants on this same stretch lost a lot of customers and did not fully seat their patios. A commercial misting system keeps customers coming in to enjoy the cool environment mitigates the cost of the evaporative mist cooling system. On top of that, a solid lunch seating every day from April to September may net you more than $500,000 in the right area. Rapid Cool offers these five tips on how restaurants can keep customers happy on hot days with a misting system.

Tip # 1: Lunch settings tend to have a high turnover rate. Meals take about 15 to 25 minutes to have out to the table and it takes the people about an hour to be in and out of the restaurant. In a 40-seat restaurant, that is 40 people fed per hour for three-hour lunch seating. With an evaporative mist cooling system (http://www.rapidcool.com/index.html), restaurants are creating atmospheres that customers want to enjoy. They are utilizing their full seating capacity. Restaurants that do not have water mist cooling fans on their patios miss out on this and risk losing their lunch customers who have to wait in line longer.

Tip # 2: Unlike the low-pressure systems, high-pressure commercial misting systems will keep the customer cool and dry with not even a slight mist on the table.

Jerry Rike, owner of Rapid Cool, said, “The high quality stainless steel tube mist line says that restaurants care for customers’ comfort since we will help you maximize patio seating even on the hottest days.”

A high-pressure evaporative mist cooling system breaks the water droplet into such a fine particle that it evaporates before it gets you wet. The evaporation process removes heat from the air and lowers the temperature up to 25 degrees.

Tip # 3: Installing a commercial misting system (http://www.rapidcool.com/applications_restaurant.html) shows customers that the restaurant cares for their comfort while enjoying a meal. By showing customers that a restaurant cares, it establishes a brand that customers remember and know they can enjoy time spent at the restaurant with family, friends, co-workers, clients, and more.

Tip # 4: Adding water mist cooling fans serves as a way to capture the attention of potential patrons passing by. If the day is very hot, they will see the mist and want to cool themselves off.

Tip # 5: Having a misting system in a restaurant patio seating area also acts to serve smokers when they need to step outside. Accommodating smokers is a great way to keep their business as well as serve all other customers.

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