Tip Sheet from GWC Valve International’s Dave Meador: 5 Tips for Valve Safety with Regular Valve Inspections

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GWC Valve International’s Dave Meador recommends that processing plants and other industries conduct regular valve inspections and hire licensed 3rd party companies to ensure valve safety.

GWC Valve International (http://www.gwcvalve.com/) recommends that valves be inspected on a regular schedule. Routine inspection and maintenance after valve installation is necessary to ensure critical areas of the valve are operational. These five tips from Dave Meador, CEO of GWC Valve International, helps companies prepare for regular valve inspection and hire a third party company.

Tip # 1: Dave Meador, CEO of GWC Valve International, said, “Setting up a routine valve maintenance program can catch noticeable leaks. A maintenance program should include regularly scheduled inspection of critical areas.” Frequent visual inspection can suffice for leak and cracking checks, however, in depth inspection of valves is recommended to be once a year.

Tip # 2: CEO of GWC Valve International, Dave Meador (http://www.gwcvalve.com/), said,” When it comes to a dedicated team of inspectors, ensuring quality control is easier than before because it maintains the quality. Maintenance and repairs are imperative to the life of your valves.” Prepare your 3rd party team to inspect the valves at least once a year. Ensure they have certification for the requirements of the operation and inspection in the valve industry.

Tip # 4: Ensure that the third party inspection agency is licensed and insured. Having API and ASME certification is essential for valve inspectors to fully be able to examine valves and comply with federal regulations.

Tip # 5: Keep records of all inspections for at least three years. Maintaining records of valve inspection and service, if needed, is important for companies to ensure proper paperwork.

In terms of GWC Valve International inspections, necessary steps in the production, examination, certification, preservation and dispatching process needs to undergo a number of different processes to ensure the safety of the valve. Testing ensures there are no complications with the usage of the product.

GWC Valve (http://www.gwcvalve.com/) International performs inspections on a regular basis to ensure compliance with all of the local and national laws during valve production. From checking the pressure in the valves to checking the materials that make the components, nothing is left unturned. We understand how important it is to make sure the parts that leave the facilities are going to do their job properly. Inspections are based on the standards of national and international industry standards.

Check out GWC Valve International at http://www.GWCValve.com .

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GWC Valve International, Inc. is headquartered in Bakersfield, California. We are a global manufacturer and supplier of valves to Oil & Gas, E&P, Petrochemical, Chemical, Mining / Minerals, Power, Marine and Industrial markets. Our diversified flow control packages consist of core Quarter and Multi Turn products, in a variety of alloys, trims, configurations, sizes and pressure classes, from general to severe in application. GWC products are designed, engineered and manufactured to exceed your stringent process requirements.

GWC's Global Operations are licensed and certified to API-6D, API-6A, API-600, PED and ISO 9000. GWC Valve International is a California-based company that designs, manufactures, and distributes valves to companies across the world. GWC's client list includes businesses from the oil, gas, utility, mining, and marine industries, as well as chemical and petrochemical plants.

GWC Valve International is adamant about exceeding all technical and safety standards, and has an active presence in countries across the globe, from North America to Asia.


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