XXY Brain Trust Breaks New Ground to Support Intersex 47,XXYs (Klinefelter Syndrome) and Variants Worldwide

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The guiding founding principles of the XXY Brain Trust: 47,XXYs are all genders, not just male; the most important aspect of life for 47,XXYs (Klinefelter Syndrome) is appropriate medical care for individuals who express themselves in a range of gender from female to male. Don't try to fix XXYs or variants with hormones or surgical intervention; wait until they are old enough to make their own decisions about their body and identity.

There is a new player in the world of support and advocacy for 4,XXYs and variants (Klinefelter Syndrome). Formed in July, 2013, the XXY Brain Trust is breaking down barriers of dialogue and support for XXYs everywhere who identify as intersex. The XXY Brain Trust is an international non profit think tank, support and advocacy organization. Our mission is to research, measure, study, and communicate information about the impact of intersex on the health and welfare of 47,XXYs and variants. Currently, the four main goals are to promote better information, support, and advocacy for:

1) XXY or variant prenatal diagnosis improve prenatal counseling to reduce terminations and end newborn cosmetic genital surgery.
2) XXY or variant diagnosis at puberty and that gender counseling become the norm before any hormonal interventions or cosmetic surgeries are begun.
3) XXY or variant adult diagnosis and appropriate medical care for individuals who express themselves in a range of gender from female to male.
4) All XXYs, variants, and family members and encourage outreach and networking so that they are not alone.

According to one of the co-founders, Carol Wilson of New Orleans, LA, "As a parent, I now realize that parents of youngsters, prenatally diagnosed babies, and teen XXYs are the very ones who should be at the forefront of the intersex movement fighting so hard for cutting edge advances and language. After all, it is shaping the world our children will grow up in to be more inclusive. My friend and cofounder, Canice Cody has taught me so much about the wonderful spectrum of the XXY experience. As compassionate human beings, it would seem that would be our goal for all humanity, whether our child will need it or not. Even the possibility my grandchildren might need it is enough for me to fight for it. How much more so a parent of a young child with a sex chromosome anomaly has a stake in this process. Everywhere, even in medical documents, sex chromosome anomalies are being included as intersex. It behooves us to move with compassion and shape the world to be a better place, free of stigma and shame, for our future generations."

The XXY Brain Trust invites XXYs and variants, families of XXYs and variants, advocates, and professionals to contact them through their website.

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