Calls for children to swap fruit juice for water supported by Direct Water Coolers

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According to a report in the Guardian earlier this week*, nutritionists are advising parents to give thirsty children plain water instead of fruit drinks during the hot summer, a call which is supported by Direct Water Coolers.

It is important that children are encouraged to drink water when they are thirsty rather than choosing a sugary alternative

Health campaigners say that improved diets are being undermined by supposedly ‘healthy’ drinks like some of the UK’s favourite fruit juices being marketed to children, which actually contain nearly as much sugar as cola brands.

The calls from campaigners come at the same time as a new study from the US reveals a link between sugary fruit juice and obesity.

Writing in the journal Pediatrics, researchers from the University of Virginia found that five year olds who had at least one sugary drink each day were 43 per cent more likely to be obese than those who drank the beverages less frequently or not at all.

Water cooler supplier Direct Water Coolers(DWC) support health campaigners in their mission to get children avoiding sugary fruit drinks, but believe UK schools could do more to help by offering great tasting filtered water.

Alan Munro from Direct Water Coolers said: “With doctors saying that the UK has the highest rate of child obesity in Western Europe, it is important that children are encouraged to drink water when they are thirsty rather than choosing a sugary alternative.”

“Schools can play a key part in getting children to switch to water by installing a water dispenser that delivers a constant stream of water that tastes great. This will not only help the fight against obesity, but will also keep them hydrated and working at their best.”

Studies have shown that just 2% dehydration can cause up to a 10% reduction in behaviour, concentration, memory and arithmetic efficiency, which is why water coolers are a popular choice for schools across the country.

Alan Munro said: “We know that children are more likely to choose water if it tastes filtered. Our range of mains fed water dispensers provide a constant stream of chilled filtered water straight from the main water supply.

“And since hygiene is a key concern for schools, we can guarantee that our water coolers are designed to eliminate up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria such as MRSA, salmonella and E.coli; ideal for schools where stopping the spread of bugs is important.”

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Direct Water Coolers is a leading supplier of drinking water dispensers; offering expert installation, service and maintenance. The company is part of workplace service provider PHS Group, which offers a diverse portfolio of services aimed at improving people’s experience of work and leisure time, while making life easier for facilities, building and people managers.
The range of products provided by Direct Water Coolers is robust in design, with superior build quality for reliable delivery and performance.

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