Three Highly Effective Ways to Squash "Show-Rooming" This Holiday Season by Rocky Romeo

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Retail and other businesses are losing sales due to show-rooming; the process of visiting a business to view a product and then purchasing it online from someone else. Rocky Romeo gives three essential keys to fighting the process and returning sales back to the showroom floor.

The speed of the boss is the speed of the crew.

Don't get caught by show-rooming this holiday season. Although mobile purchases will be the major driver of sales this year, as a business owner there are some essential methods to use to minimize the show-rooming effect.

First, understand the reasons why customers want to use show-rooming.

Most people use it to compare the initial price of the item in the store with the same item on-line. Related to the price point is also tax and delivery charges which may also come into play. In general, businesses must remain competitive in these areas as much as possible to just stay in the game. However, as a brick based business, one must never forget why customers visit the store or business to begin with. It 's the experience that the customer craves. Are you giving them a unique buying experience? What can customers see, hear, feel and smell while they are present? Also, people will actually pay more for a really unique shopping experience. So, get the wheels turning and begin to make a list of what types of purchasing experiences a contemporary business can offer its customers.

Second, there are still human beings that work at brick locations. You (yes you) can be the unique experience.That means it's time to engage the customer in conversation and not just offer the standard greeting. Get excited again when someone enters the store. Ask them questions and let that bubbly personality and expertise shine through. A customer fully engaged in conversation eye to eye has little time to press buttons on a smartphone. Yes, it's more intense than just saying "If you need help, just say so" but it's extremely more effective in increasing the bottom line.

Third, embrace the new technologies to reinforce and expedite the shopping experience.

There is a famous holistic resort and learning center in New York that draws people world wide by offering their unique experiences of yoga, vegetarian cuisine, meditation and personal instruction. Most of their customers agree that it's the residing in the experience that attracts them year after year. Isn't it amazing that they now offer e-cookbooks, videos and personal instruction via on-line media? They are very successful because the new technology supports the experience and not the other way around. To reduce their product to a technological commodity would be deadly. Instead, they create a unique experience and then reinforce and link it via technology to almost recreate the exact feelings that were felt during their stay.

By implementing all of the above, the death of show-rooming will be swift and certain.

Rocky Romeo is an internationally acclaimed retail sales specialist and keynote speaker residing in Bridgewater, New Jersey. (609) 498-1694

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