LandlordMax Software Inc. Has a 10th Record Year for its 10th Year Anniversary

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LandlordMax Software Inc. founded 10 years ago in 2003 has just had its 10th record year of sales. LandlordMax is a software company that sells property management software to real estate investors, property managers, property management companies, banks, cities, and so on which has managed to beat its previous yearly sales records each and every single year for a full decade through the real estate boom and bust cycles.

LandlordMax Fiscal 2012-2013 Record Year

We're already seeing a significant growth in revenues from the Network Editions, and with the new major release expected shortly, there's no doubt we're going to experience another year of exceptional growth.

Stephan Grenier, the founder and CEO of LandlordMax, said this of LandlordMax: "We've been in business for 10 years now, and through that time we've seen a lot of property management software companies come and go. And I do mean a lot! Around 2008-2009 alone, one company tried to acquire most of our competitors before collapsing within less than two years. Today we're seeing a quite a few web hosted subscription based solutions backed by venture capital investments, but we've yet to see one of them last more than 3-5 years."

Recently LandlordMax released its new Networked Editions which have been very positively received by its customers. To quote Ed Dimarco, a user of LandlordMax since 2007: "I was one of the ones that started asking about a network version long ago. Even on its first release, your network LandlordMax software is awesome! It does exactly what I was hoping for. I'm a tech geek, and I've been willing to pay any amount for good property management software for my brokerage. I've tried every other competitive solution (all of which charge substantially more), even the big name networked versions, which charge outrageous monthly fees. Yours outperforms them all. Really brilliant software. You did great. You've really helped my brokerage succeed as it rapidly expands. My employees all love it too, and it save's me a king's ransom in training cost for new employees do to its simplicity."

One of the major benefits of LandlordMax's Network Editions is that the user own and manage the software and data. Although web based subscription services are nice and easy to start with, the problem many people don't realize is that if something happens to these services the person could be locked out of their data overnight. This is more critical for some services and data than others. And when it comes to managing real estate rental properties, knowing which rents are due, who hasn't paid their rents, which leases are about to expire, and so on, can be very critical to the survival of the business. In fact it can be so important that it can cause a property management company and/or investor to go bankrupt within days to weeks in some cases. The financial impact can be very significant. It is so important that the founder of LandlordMax Stephan Grenier wrote an article about this issue called What are the Risks of Cloud Services? to help his customers fully appreciate the potential risk they may be exposing themselves to without realizing it.

Today LandlordMax is very hard at work on a new major version of its software which will include a large number of new features and benefits. A lot of the focus is not only on adding new features, but further improving the processes and automation of regular tasks for its users. Especially when it comes to dealing with monthly tasks such as rents, reports, and so on. According to Stephan, the founder of LandlordMax, "We expect 2013-2014 to be another record year. We're already seeing a significant growth in revenues from the Network Editions, and with the new major release expected shortly, there's no doubt we're going to experience another year of exceptional growth".

For further details on LandlordMax Property Management Software please visit For even further details on LandlordMax, please visit (a LandlordMax Property Management Software related blog written and maintained by Stephan Grenier about LandlordMax and related topics).

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