Pedata RV Center Issues Advisory on Water Conservation for RV Campers

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Pedata RV Center, the leader in inventory for those seeking used RV motor homes for sale, advises travelers on how to effectively conserve water while camping.

Pedata RV Center, the leader in used RV motor homes sales, has issued an advisory for campers on how to conserve water while on the road, or while "dry camping."

When staying in a recreational vehicle, water management is a must. When fresh water is needed, a camper had better have access to it. Camping would be impossible without fresh water. Once it has run out, the vacation is over.

If travelers are staying in an RV park with water hookups, then they have plenty of fresh water available. However, if they are boondocking, or "dry camping" (camping with no water hookups), a camper must be very aware of the amount of water being used, otherwise he or she will run out. This calls for extremely wise use of the water stored in your RV fresh water tanks.

Regardless of the make and model of your RV, it will most likely have a fresh water tank on board. They are not very big, and the average tank holds about 40 gallons. This limited amount of water is what a camper uses for drinking, cooking, washing, showering and flushing the toilet. Until people go RV camping, they don't realize the amount of water they use on a daily basis. In the United States, the average water usage per person (not camping) is 80-100 gallons per day.

One of the biggest culprits when conserving water is to shower for too long. There are ways to decrease the water usage while showering, yet still accomplish the ultimate goal of a clean body. This does not include a long, relaxing period of time in the shower. Believe it or not, you can take a satisfying shower in just a couple of minutes, barely using any water at all. Here is an effective 3-step way to shower quickly, yet still get clean:

1. Turn the water on just long enough to completely wet your hair and body, and then turn the water off.
2. Fully lather your hair & body with shampoo and soap.
3. Turn on the water just long enough to rinse completely, and then turn the water off again.

The process doesn't take long, and the camper feels quite clean after the process, having used very little water.

Another suggestion by Pedata is that the camper install a low water flow shower head. These special shower heads decrease the amount of water used; yet they significantly amplify the existing water pressure.

Saving water is significantly advantageous for RV campers. By being very conservative with the water use, campers can boondock for days at a time. It does require though, that the camper use less than 10% of the water that the average American uses daily.

Gerard Pedata of Pedata RV Center said, “Campers can get along just fine if they are careful with the water that they use. It's a pretty simple concept; when you are boondocking, you need to use water very sparingly. When you're in an RV park with hookups, you can use all you want, just remember that the more you use, the more you have to drain your waste water tanks.”

Pedata RV Center offers used motorhomes for sale, as well as used RVs, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and campers. Their full inventory is accessible online, and due to their low overhead costs they are able to offer competitive pricing in their industry.

For more information on how to find a used RV for sale, or current trends in the RV industry visit Pedata RV Center online at .

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