GP Conservation Introduces New AirGenerate AirTap™ ATI66DV and ATI80 Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters

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Contractors and consumers are excited about cold climate conforming AirGenerate AirTap™ ATI66DV and ATI80 hybrid heat pump water heaters delivering maximum energy savings and comfort.

AirGenerate AirTap ATI66

AirGenerate AirTap ATI66

AirGenerate heat pump water heaters can cut electricity bills related to water heating by 50% or $325/year when replacing an existing standard electric water heater.

GP Conservation is proud to announce the arrival of the new AirGenerate AirTap™ ATI66DV and ATI80 heat pump water heater models on the US market. AirGenerate heat pump water heaters can cut electricity bills related to water heating by 50% or $325/year when replacing an existing standard electric water heater. AirGenerate AirTap™ hybrid water heaters are more efficient than standard electric water heaters because the heat pump technology extracts heat from the ambient air to heat the water that is stored in the tank. When in Hybrid or Energy Saver mode, AirGenerate heat pump water heaters deliver significant energy savings to consumers by transferring heat efficiently and not generating heat via electric elements which is standard for electric water heaters.

AirGenerate AirTap™ hybrid water heaters come in a variety of tank sizes: 50-gallon (ATI50), 66-gallon (ATI66), and 80-gallon (ATI80). GP Conservation recommends AirGenerate water heaters based on the number of people living in the household, number of bathrooms, high demand water applications such as hot tubs, and the number of guests that visit each year. AirGenerate’s ATI50 is the smallest water heater in AirGenerate’s product line-up. It is a good fit for a household of 2-3 people. AirGenerate’s ATI66 is perfect for households with 3-4 people. The newly released AirGenerate ATI80 will accommodate a household with up to 6 people.

The best suited area in the home for an AirGenerate water heater is in an unconditioned space, such as an unfinished basement or attached garage. All AirGenerate heat pump water heaters come with a 6” diameter hook-up as an option for cold air exhaust (a byproduct of heat pump water heaters) to be exhausted to the exterior of the home. Routing cold air to the outdoors will reduce the impact on a home’s heating bill during the winter time in Northern climates. AirGenerates are the only heat pump water heaters with a default exhaust ductwork option.

GP Conservation is introducing the newly released AirGenerate ATI66DV, which is taking heat pump water heater technology to the next level. The ATI66DV heat pump water heater is a so-called direct vent heat pump water heater. Not only does the AirGenerate AirTap ATI66DV have a cold air exhaust hook-up, but it also comes with a 6” diameter air intake that will supply air from outside the home. Using air from outside the home allows for maximum energy savings because the AirGenerate heat pump will intake and extract heat from outside air, instead of from surrounding air. This will help the homeowner quickly and efficiently achieve the desired temperature when heating or cooling the home. Super-efficient net zero home and passive house builders benefit from new AirGenerate direct-vent heat pump water heaters due to the combination of maximized energy savings and high levels of home comfort.

To promote energy efficiency, the federal government is offering a tax credit to upgrade to an ENERGY STAR® qualified heat pump water heater in residential homes. The AirGenerate ATI66 and ATI80 currently qualify for a rebate of up to $300. For more details, click here.

GP Conservation encourages consumers and contractors to research rebates with their local electric utility or visit to find out about available heat pump water heater utility rebates.

Other local and state tax credits are available. For example, Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit offers up to $837 towards the installation of an AirGenerate ATI66 or ATI80 heat pump water heater.

Consumers can purchase new AirGenerate AirTap™ Hybrid Water Heaters at GP Conservation ships AirGenerate water heaters in the continental US. Contractors can source AirGenerate water heaters from EcoTone Products by calling 503-907-2901.

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