GlassUp Eyeglass Creators Seek To Purchase Licensing Trademarks From Steve Mann, The Father Of Wearable Computing, As Well As Others

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Described as the “second screen for the smartphone” the GlassUp product is a pair of highly-fashionable Italian-designed glasses that have the ability to super-impose any kind of message ordinarily seen on the screen of a smartphone to the wearer’s center field of vision.

GlassUp - Augmented Reality Glasses

“We’re breaking records in Italy with this project. We’ve achieved the second highest ranking for funds raised on Indiegogo in Italy.”

Bringing up the final stages of what has been an already enormously successful crowdfunding project the creators of GlassUp eyeglasses have now begun the process of linking arms with market insiders like Steve Mann. Known as the “father of wearable computing” Mann is the inventor of Glass, digital eyewear that the inventor calls mediated reality. Similar to the GlassUp eyeglasses Mann’s Eye Tap product is also worn in front of the eye and superimposes information into the wearer’s view as digital imagery. His is tethered to a computer and the GlassUp product is tethered to a smartphone. “The inventions are mutually beneficial and we are encouraged as we make progress toward a licensing agreement with Mann’s company for distribution of the GlassUp eyeglasses in Canada,” said Francesco Giartosio, CEO of GlassUp. Able to sidestep a trademark battle with Google for similar achievements in the digital eyeglass genre Giartosio will also enlist a licensing agreement with the Spanish corporation Factory Holding Company 25, S.L. for all European sales of the product.

Having already raised over $86,000 of the $150,000 goal for the GlassUp augmented reality eyeglasses Giartosio says, “We’re breaking records in Italy with this project. We’ve achieved the second highest ranking for funds raised on Indiegogo in Italy.” Soon to hit their crowdfunding goal it’s safe to say that the “second screen for the smartphone” is well on its way to consumers worldwide. Expected to hit the market in February of 2014 the GlassUp product, with its “receive only” approach, is a pair of highly fashionable Italian-designed glasses that have the ability to superimpose any kind of message ordinarily seen on the screen of a smartphone to the wearer’s center field of vision. With a nod to the benefits of consulting Italy’s most qualified optical scientists GlassUp eyeglasses don’t force the wearer to look laterally like their competitor’s product.

Considering the need for elegance and the importance of trend, the innovative product need not be clumsy or futuristic in appearance. Keeping that top of mind the GlassUp creators have leaned upon their stylish Italian roots to design a stunning pair of digital eyeglasses. In a location where the creation of two-thirds of the world’s eyeglasses take place - Northeast Italy - the virtual glasses have an Italian elegance that is unmatched. “We have taken high technology and made it wearable art. For the fashion conscience technology-centric person, the GlassUp eyeglasses are not comparable to any other product in the marketplace,” Giartosio added. Initially beginning with two designs, the eyeglasses are slated to soon incorporate styles for sport, casual, high-tech and business as well.

Liberating the wearer from having to quite literally check their smartphone continuously for information the well-designed GlassUp eyeglasses will visually provide everything necessary thorough a Bluetooth connection very much like the connection to an earphone does audibly. Providing what is now considered a miraculous shortcut, the varied types of content and data that can be projected to the glasses is currently available through downloadable apps solely at the user’s discretion. Along with the everyday emails, Facebook updates, tweets, text messages and incoming calls the glasses have the ability to provide breaking news, weather and sports information among other convenient details. A wide selection in the app marketplace can provide the GlassUp eyeglass wearers with turn-by-turn directions, language translation, and instructions of any kind from particular patient information for surgeons to chefs for detailed recipes among numerous other options.

GlassUp is a company registered in Venice, Italy and is solely involved in the development of innovative eyewear technologies.To contact directly via email write to Francesco Giartosio at francesco(at)glassup(dot)net.

To view the Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign, click here.

GlassUp srl-cr Via Ganaceto, 95 41121 Modena (MO)
P.IVA 03480130362
Francesco Giartosio
CEO, a passion for applied technology and man-machine interaction
Gianluigi Tregnaghi
CTO, exceptional experience developing optical systems, including for car windscreens and air force pilots’ helmets
Alfio Giuffrida
Business Development Director, a long experience as a technical sales manager in the telecommunications industry
Luca Escoffier
Mentor, who we chose particularly for his wide experience in intellectual property, licensing agreements, Asian markets (he follows us from Japan), and strategic partnerships.

Optical Team: Fabrizio Liberati, Tommaso Occhipinti, Fabio Frassetto, Ivan Capraro
Hardware and Firmware Team: Fabio D’Alessi, Alberto Scarpa, Stefano Bianconi and their kidz.

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