Breaking a leg in Spain could cost holidaymakers an arm and a leg

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British holiday makers are risking bills in excess of £25,000 by travelling to Spain without proper travel insurance warns Alan Spiers, Senior Partner of Delta Travel Insurance. Here are some tips to avoid problems with your travel insurance cover.

Recent advice from the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office warns travellers about the specific problems associated with medical treatment costs in Spain. They state on their website "As a general rule, if you need hospital treatment in Spain you’re more likely to receive appropriate care in a public healthcare facility (although in some tourist areas there may be no public healthcare facility nearby)."

According to recent claims paid out by leading travel insurers, the cost for a broken leg in Spain can be in excess of £6,000, while holidaymakers unlucky enough to need medical repatriation could face bills in excess of £25,000.

Travelling without adequate travel insurance can prove to be a very expensive gamble.

Alan Spiers, Senior Partner of Delta Travel Insurance warns about the dangers of travelling to Spain without adequate travel insurance cover and provides some tips to ensure that policies taken out will provide adequate cover.

The soaring cost of travel insurance is tempting more and more British holiday makers to travel to Spain without holiday insurance. For example, the number of travel insurance policies being taken out for the Costa's is down around 25% compared to last year. Many wrongly believe that their EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) will cover all their medical bills.

The ABI (Association of British insurers) confirm that the EHIC does not apply to private clinics, where you are most likely to be treated in Spain.

The ABI state that the EHIC does NOT cover: "all your medical costs, depending on which country is visited, as the healthcare systems are different in each country; dental treatment in some countries; private medical treatment; getting you back to the UK (repatriation).

Remember that the EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance, so it is important to have both an EHIC and a valid travel insurance policy."

A lack of emergency cover from the Spanish equivalent of the NHS is causing an increasing dependency on private medical clinics to fill the gap. Many private clinics do not accept the EHIC card, leaving unprepared travellers with eye watering bills.

As Delta Travel Insurance explains, private provision for emergency health care results in much higher costs for the travel insurers and leads to higher premiums for customers.

Even those with travel insurance can find that cover is invalid where they have failed to check the policy details carefully before travelling.

Things to check when buying travel insurance.

1) Have all material medical facts been disclosed to the insurers? This includes pre-existing medical conditions such as Diabetes, Strokes, High Blood Pressure, Heart attack history and heart disease.

2) Will the policy cover medical expenses in the country you are visiting? Policyholders should check the excesses on the policy and any exclusions that apply.

3) Obtain a full "policy wording" before a policy is started and read it carefully. Any restrictions or exclusions will be outlined in this document. The summary of policy cover will not tell the whole story and should only ever be used as a guide.

4) Disclosure of activities - any potentially dangerous activities from kite surfing, to mountain climbing and most sporting activities are not automatically covered on most policies. The "policy wording" will advise you of this and any other restrictions that apply.

5) Other members of the travelling party may also affect the premium. If one person travelling with in the party fell sick would the holiday need to be cancelled? Will the policy taken out cover you in this instance.

6) Keep receipts and documentation for all medical treatment paid for, and use the emergency help line number provided by your insurer before incurring any costs to ensure that it is covered.

For travellers over the age of 65 or those with pre-existing medical conditions, simply obtaining travel insurance cover can be a challenge. Many insurers limit the ages of policyholders or apply restrictions to senior citizens.

Delta Travel Insurance has access to a wide range of specialist travel insurance companies that can match the cover to the individual traveller. Such personalised premiums can result in big savings.

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