Amnet Announces New Integrated Mobile Operation Center AnyCam Mobile™ Product

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Innovative Mobile App Solution provides instant camera surveillance feeds to first responders.

As the first of many innovative offerings scheduled for release under the myCloud Integrated Mobile Operation Center (IMOC) Platform, Amnet is pleased to announce the general release of its AnyCam Mobile™ product offering.

AnyCam brings to market an innovative easy-to-use solution that provides instantaneous mobile access to live and recorded surveillance feeds from any camera located in any location. Advanced security encryption and strict user access policies control what an authorized user can see or do. The system differentiates from the many consumer grade mobile camera app technologies because of its advanced security encryption, centrally managed role based access, redundancy and cloud based architecture that includes patented software technology that delivers the unparalleled reliability and speed while adapting automatically to various connection types like WiFi, 4G /LTE and even 3G cellular internet. The mobile application is compatible with smartphones and tablets including iPhones, iPads, Android, Blackberries and many others.

A K-12 educational facility is one example of where AnyCam integration provides innovative safety benefits. At its most basic level AnyCam provides local school administrators, security personnel and off-site law enforcement agencies a simple cost effective mobile tablet or smartphone based access to instantly view live and recorded cameras in any building within seconds of a distress call. The simplicity and ease-of-use allows any of these parties to make immediate, informed, actionable decisions. AnyCam is built to plug into many other advanced integration features. For instance, in a school that may already have educational iPads in the classroom, the teacher can simply press a “panic” button on the iPad which will send a distress signal and corresponding live video feed to all emergency personnel using AnyCam viewer. In another scenario where the teacher has a classroom in lockdown they can launch AnyCam locally and view the surveillance cameras in the other areas of the school and over a secure communications channel also receive critical real-time instruction from emergency personnel. These enhanced features are part of the Amnet IMOC suite of services and the vision is to make common everyday smartphones and tablets an asset during critical emergency efforts.

“During the many months of controlled release of this product, I have received very enthusiastic feedback from directors of emergency management, law enforcement and from high ranking members of government and educational institutions. Their feedback highlights; single application ease-of-use, performance, centrally managed access and security encryption as being exactly what they have been looking for.” - Alex Sulpizi, CEO.    

“The release of this product has aligned well with demand and I complement my staff, engineering team and our strategic partners for their expertise and especially tireless efforts to meeting the targeted release date for AnyCam with such quality and alignment with the vision. It’s not every day that we can time the release of a product that can provide a positive impact by delivering technology public safety professionals and our first responders have been looking for,” says Sulpizi.

The IMOC platform architecture is the key differentiator as the core for AnyCam and future integrations to plug into. The platform has the ability to integrate an ideal hybrid balance between both cloud and on premises hardware to meet the demanding needs of video and other advanced integrations. There are custom audit logs and alerts available to report user access to cameras and systems. IMOC is purposely built to be a building block foundation and will enable additional integrations to be managed as one system preserving the simplicity of maintenance and usability yet allowing it to grow and become more and more effective for each client's environment.

“We utilize an open integration architecture enabling a virtually limitless range of custom tailored integrations that deliver ongoing return on investment to our clients. The integration of Amnet’s highly redundant cloud based data center technologies combined with best-of-breed software technologies from our strategic partners like LexRay, OnSSi and others are all an integral part of what help us achieve the vision of a simple, reliable and innovative integration. I haven’t seen any single application platform on the market that can has the mix of security, performance and integration flexibility.” - Danny Putnam, Engineering Manager - IMOC Platform.

With almost 20 years of visionary experience developing innovative, easy to use technology solutions tailored to each client needs, in 2012, Amnet decided to allocate substantial R&D dollars to focus on exploring a new offering that combines mobility with traditional emergency operation center command/control technologies. Just like the many social media platforms have evolved to deliver news instantaneously to people all over the world, Amnet’s vision was to provide a similar revolutionary “mobility” enhancement to traditional security operation centers. The concept of delivering secure high quality camera feeds and other critical security information instantaneously to a tablet or smartphone of a critical decision maker is one of the many products planned for Amnet’s latest IMOC Platform.

The solution is sold both as a SaaS (monthly service) and traditional ownership (hardware/software/yearly maintenance) models. Pricing varies based on each type of installation and budgets can typically be determined after a brief phone interview or site survey. Grants and Government Educational pricing available for those that qualify.

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