New Biometric Timekeeping System Integrates with Hybrid Cloud Environments

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MinuteHound provides businesses with a cost-efficient, convenient, state-of-the-art product which effectively replaces traditional payroll record keeping equipment.

Biometric Time Clock With Cloud Access

MinuteHound Cloud Based Attendance Software

The MinuteHound time clock package is as accurate as possible and gives owners the freedom to be able to access and process information from anywhere on earth with an internet connection.

The new timekeeping system from MinuteHound uses a biometric scanner that is connected via a USB port to any computer that is connected to the internet at each of the company's branches. The company's manager in charge of personnel quickly sets up each employee in the provided software, and has each employee initiate their account by registering his or her fingerprint using the scanner.

After the initial setup is completed, workers will be able to punch in and out of the time keeping system by placing their finger on the scanner. A light on the scanner then indicates to the employee that the process is complete, initiating the processing of the employee's time information. This information is then securely encrypted and transmitted to MinuteHound's servers located around the world. The entire process takes mere seconds! Many time clock plus reviews describe the east of use of MinuteHound's biometric system.

The act of an employee punching in and out does not affect the computer that the scanner is connected to, allowing that computer to remain a fully functional work station. The scanner can be located up to 54 feet away from this computer, which allows time clock activity to occur without interfering with anyone using the computer.

One of the benefits of this type of system is the elimination of unapproved time clock activities. The ability of an employee to punch a coworker in and out is nullified, ensuring that each employee is using the time clock personally. This results in better documentation of the actual hours that are worked and a true depiction of an employee's punctuality. Electronic alerts can be set to notify members of the management team regarding tardiness and deviation from established schedules.

The information obtained by the MinuteHound software is kept on cloud servers. MinuteHound makes an ideal large business time clock. Managers can access data from anywhere, at anytime to check on staff working at multiple locations. This data can be accessed for review or modification by authorized managers from anywhere in the world with an internet connection including personal mobile devices and home computers. It can then be utilized by accounting software programs for payroll purposes.

The price of setting up the system is minimal and risk free, requiring only what amounts to a deposit on each scanner needed, which is backed by a lifetime money back guarantee. Initial shipping of the scanner, cord and software is free, as is the return shipment if the service is canceled for any reason. The monthly pricing for this system varies depending on the number of users and branches involved. One scanner is required at each physical location, and a flat fee is paid corresponding to the employee base and number of scanning stations that the company utilizes. The changes in employment and number of branch locations are reflected in the monthly charges on a month-to-month basis.

The MinuteHound time clock package saves owners and management undue payroll costs, provides them the security of knowing that the time keeping of their hourly employees is as accurate as possible and gives them the freedom to be able to access and process this information virtually anywhere on earth.

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