RESULT: 92% of Licensed Massage Therapists Surveyed Recommend Zippy RBT Massage Tools.

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Licensed massage therapists responding to offer on the Massage Magazine discussion group on LinkedIn received a Zippy to evaluate. The results of the first survey reveal solid support for Zippy devices.

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I like the zippy massage device, I have used it for self care so far but it allows me to get into those places that I just cant get enough pressure working on myself.

Zippy RBT Zing Partners LLC on LinkedIn invited members of the Linked In, Massage Magazine discussion group to participate in an evaluation panel. Zing Partners LLC provided the Zippy RBT golf ball massage device model of their choice to licensed massage therapists who were interested in evaluating the product in regards to both self-care and client-care modalities. Over the evaluation period several surveys will track data on initial impressions, pricing, shipping, function, and device performance over time. The initial survey focused on expectations prior to receiving the Zippy, initial impressions of materials and use, opinions on function and value, intended use, and the likelihood of recommending Zippy to others. 92% of respondents determined Zippy valuable enough for effective personal and professional use to recommend to others. Recommended by professional therapists and Zippy RBT devices ship free from

Zing Partners LLC manufactures, and distributes Zippy Rolling Ball Therapy (RBT) massage devices made in the Phoenix, AZ, USA. Zippy devices combine a regulation golf ball (which happens to be the perfect size and shape for massage) with a custom manufactured precision, durable shell so the ball can be held comfortably in professional therapeutic session with full control for effective use. Zippy RBT devices make relaxing massage available anywhere. This comment in response to initial impression of the product: “I used it on myself today after finding in my mailbox. It worked great on my leg and arm muscles. I like it!” Another therapist commented: “First impression was that the idea was so simple, why didn't I think of that. Usually the simple things work best. It seems to be sturdy and should last and it can be used in a number of ways and that makes it more valuable of a tool…” Zippy Rolling Ball Therapy golf ball massage devices are easy to use, versatile, effective, and convenient to take with you.

Zippy RBT golf ball massage therapy tools are used daily by athletes, personal users, and professional physical therapists. Zippy tools are valuable to use for general health, peak performance, relaxation, and exceptional results in recovery from strenuous exercise and training. Zippy massage tools provide an easy interface to gently and effectively relax sore muscles, work tissue around joints, realign scar tissue, sooth deep muscle injury, untie “knots,” and sooth muscle spasm.

40% of the responses identified use of the Zippy for self-care only. A commenter posted this note regarding self-care: “Effective tool to release muscle tension and provide deep therapy.”
53% of respondents reported using the Zippy in both self-care and client-care situation, and a comment from a therapist using Zippy for both modes was well received: “I loved the Zippy especially for self-massage as I was able to get good pressure on my neck muscles which is normally hard to do. Also I have been renovating a new office and came home with a lot of bicep and forearm pain. The Zippy was perfect for reaching those areas which again is hard for me to do with just my hands and fingers. I found that i was able to get consistent pressure in running down the muscle during the massage. Clients have seemed to enjoy it.”

Zippy RBT models: the Basic, the Rocker Handle, and the T-Handle are the right size and shape for everywhere use. The Rocker and T-Handle models expand grip opportunities/profiles and offer integrated therapy tools that can be used easily by professional or home care user. Compact, durable Zippy RBT devices are convenient to carry and use, perfect for pocket, purse, golf or gym bag, auto glove box, nightstand, and sports bag. Zippys are excellent to use when frozen for “spot on” ice therapy without the wet mess. Visit for more information. Free Shipping on all purchases at
Zippy Rolling Ball Therapy massage devices are available at a growing number of spas, running stores, therapy device supply houses, Amazon, and online at Check out the Zippy RBT YouTube Channel for current and future videos. Visit Zippy RBT – Rolling Ball Therapy on Facebook and "Like". Follow @ZippyRBT on Twitter.
Zing Partners LLC donates $5 to Hoil Heroes Foundation to assist pediatric transplant patients and their families through August 31, 2013 for each device purchased online

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