Plans to Help Lenders Reduce Debt and Improve Credit through Debt Consolidation

Share Article announces their plan to help customers get out of debt through debt consolidation lending.

Historically, only those with stellar credit could qualify for a debt consolidation loan, while those that have mediocre or even poor credit are left to struggle through mounds of credit all on their own. The irony here is those that qualify for debt consolidation likely could do fine without it, while those that need it the most cannot get approved. is seeking to change this injustice by offering debt consolidation options for those with less than perfect credit scores. In fact, the intent is to not consider credit in the approval process at all. This allows for those that would normally be stuck in a cycle of multiple minimum payments each month, with no hope of paying off debt in a reasonable amount of time, to take advantage of the many benefits of consolidating debt.

These benefits, according to, include making one payment to pay all debt each month, reducing the chance of missing payment or incurring late fees. This reduced risk of late fees allows borrowers to take on a slightly higher interest rate on a debt consolidation loan, the mitigation for not including credit in the approval process, and pay off debt faster and easier.    The idea is that through such programs National Loans can get borrowers out of debt faster, and the borrower's consistent on time payments improves their credit score even further.

The argument that taking out a loan to get out of debt is counterproductive is one that National Loans simply does not adhere too. They maintain that just as it takes money to make money, it takes credit to improve credit. Improving credit required consistent, on-time payments to be made on some sort of debt obligation, and if that debt obligation serves the dual purpose of getting the borrower out of debt faster the whole plan is that much better. The weak link in this line of reasoning has always been that poor credit score keeping those who need to improve credit from accessing such debt. is seeking to change the tide and get borrowers with poor credit back in good standing as far as credit score by getting them out of debt, while at the same time offering an opportunity to improve their credit score by making payment consistently on-time.

The white night here is the lender, and intends to fully embrace their role as such as they help borrowers get the funds they need to consolidate debt and improve credit.

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