Back to School – Back to Regimen Steps 1 and 2 Presented by Beauty Research

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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today that is the second part of a two-part series dealing with skin care regimens.

Daily skin care is essential to improving and maintaining the health of the complexion. Although every woman's skin has different characteristics, the needs for a healthy daily skin care regimen are universal. The latest article by Back to School – Back to Regimen Step 2 discusses the important final step of a skin care regimen. The post is a follow-up to Back to School – Back to Regimen Step 1, which dealt with the earlier steps in a daily skin care routine.

Most women have heard the term "skin care regimen" before, but many aren't exactly sure what it actually means. A skin care regimen is a group of products that are used in the same order once or twice per day. Sometimes, the use of each product is referred to as a "step." What are the steps to a skin care regimen? How many are there? What is the purpose of them, and why are they important? To find out, visit or click

The success of any skin care regimen depends on the quality of the products that are being used. Many different things contribute to quality, including the types of ingredients found in a formula and the amount of research and testing that go into developing products. How can women recognize high quality skin care products? What quality signs should women look out for when they are shopping? Are there particular brands that are known for producing high quality formulas? To find out, visit or click

There are thousands of skin care products available on the market today, and many of them are made by reputable brands. This can make choosing products to use in a regimen very difficult for women. How can women simplify selecting daily beauty products? Are there ways to easily tell whether or not a product is a good fit for a particular complexion? What are some specific products that are effective in daily regimens? To find out, visit or click

Once women have selected the best skin care products for their needs, they must use products properly to ensure success. How can women be sure that they are using their regimens properly? Are there tricks to getting the most out of a beauty regimen? Do any products in the regimen enhance the effectiveness of the others that are used after them, and if so which ones and how? To find out, visit or click

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