Sqeeqee Announces New and Unique Tools for Success to Small Business

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Sqeeqee.com helps small businesses turn their social networking activities into profitable endeavors that build a brand image, advertise products and services, and increase profits over the long term. Visit http://Sqeeqee.com.

Sqeeqee.com can do more than just help an established business gain an online presence.

Throughout the first decade of the 21st century, American small businesses have been told that the World Wide Web offers the greatest opportunity to expand market reach, find new customers, and increase revenue streams. If only it were as simple as developing a web presence for a small business to succeed.

In reality, small businesses often struggle to get the full benefit of any online presence (social media, professional website, etc.) because they are by definition small operations that often lack the necessary time that needs to be devoted to successful online marketing and advertising campaigns. However, small businesses may have just found a new ally in the form of the latest social networking service, Sqeeqee.com.

The Small Business Difference at Sqeeqee.com
What sets Sqeeqee apart from the competition online is the breadth and depth of service offered. For the average small business to get the greatest benefit from online campaigns, owners have to take on the time consuming task of using advertising services such as Google’s AdWords, connect with clients and share information on Facebook, spread the word on deals through Twitter, and brag about services offered or happy clients through videos posted on YouTube.

Sounds like a lot of work when the guarantee on returns is unknown. The problem facing a lot of small businesses across the country is a lack of funding and time to conduct these activities. Small business owners are told they need to be doing these things to enjoy the benefits of the web, but with few employees and less time to do so it is hard. This is where Sqeeqee can actually help small businesses succeed in building an online presence.

With a strong focus on the concept of social networthing, Sqeeqee helps small businesses turn their social networking activities into profitable endeavors that build a brand image, advertise products and services, and increase profits over the long term.

How Sqeeqee Works for Small Business
Here’s how it works for Sqeeqee users. First and foremost, Sqeeqee is a one stop shop for all things social networking. Everything mentioned above that is offered by various different providers can all be found on Sqeeqee.com. So let’s run down the specific features of Sqeeqee that will put small business owners in the driver’s seat.

E-commerce Shop
Every account with Sqeeqee.com comes with an embedded e-commerce shop that allows a small business to advertise and sell its goods and services to the public. Other users searching for goods and services to purchase on Sqeeqee will be able to visit that e-commerce shop and has the potential to become a long-term client.

Like many other social networking sites, Sqeeqee allows users to develop a long list of “buddies.” As a business develops a larger following of buddies (past and current clients, friends, family, industry associates, etc.) their online presence grows and their profile becomes an ideal location for online advertising because of the number of eyeballs viewing that page.

When a profile becomes large enough, Sqeeqee will help account owners connect with advertising campaigns that put money in the pocket of the small business simply because of its visibility online.

Small business owners can make use of the albums attached to their Sqeeqee account to upload photos of merchandise for sale so customers can see exactly what product lines look like. Additionally, videos can be uploaded allowing small businesses to provide a deeper look into the business and offer customers a chance to see manufacturing techniques, receive product assistance/walkthroughs, and even advertisements for upcoming products and services.

Piecing Together the Puzzle
All these features sound impressive, but viewed separately it might be easy to overlook how truly beneficial the system as a whole can be for small businesses. Consider the following scenarios as perfect examples of how Sqeeqee can help small business owners finally succeed online.

A local jewelry designer is looking for a better way to develop an online presence that is beneficial for her business, but how can Sqeeqee help? Well, once an online profile is up and running on the site the business owner can start inviting “buddies” to the service. As mentioned, the more “buddies,” the greater the potential for advertising dollars.

Using the e-commerce shop embedded on the profile the owner can list and sell jewelry to customers down the street or across the country. Filling up the photo album with shots of the product line for customers to view provides customers with a greater idea of what they are getting for their money. If business needs a boost, Sqeeqee has a system that would allow the business owner to create a set of coupons to disperse to online customers and even advertise daily specials, weekend sales, and more to attract new customers.

Sqeeqee can do more than just help an established business gain an online presence. What about the hundreds of smaller, one-person businesses out there? Sqeeqee’s tools can help them as well. Think about that tech savvy college student looking to put their knowledge to use to gain a little spending money at school.

Much like a regular small business, simply having a large following of “buddies” will eventually help this would-be entrepreneur generate advertising revenue in the long run. The e-commerce shop offers the user a chance to sell old textbooks or an old bike to others in order to earn some spending cash, but where’s the business development?

Well, given this individual is a tech savvy college student Sqeeqee has the tools to help them develop the next hot mobile app. With the help of crowd-funding options on Sqeeqee the student can raise the money necessary to develop the app, and once development is complete the app can even be sold to mobile users on Sqeeqee. Users get to keep 70% of the revenue generated from the sale of apps on Sqeeqee.

Regardless of the size, shape, and aim of a small business, Sqeeqee might just be the first social networking sites developed that can truly help them meet the goal of financial success through online campaigns. From advertising and selling goods, to crowd-funding projects and brand management, it is all possible through ONE account on Sqeeqee.com.

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